Very Important Information for the world

People of the world, you NEED to check the following podcast/transcript. I think it is one of the most important issues the entire globe is currently facing. Yes, it does include corporate greed and incompetence. It includes political intrigue and political incompetence as well. Please do follow the link and listen/read this one. Honestly, your very own personal health, maybe even your very own life, may depend upon this information.

Thank you all for your time.

Until the next rant/post. Stay safe.


America, what a country

Greetings to all.

I was not, and still am not, sure if the title to this rant should end with a question mark or what sort of punctuation should be used. I just left it open, you decide if the title is a question or whatever, what your choice is will be A-OK by me.

What a country. We have a president, well at least an occupant of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. who was supposedly a Constitutional scholar. He was also awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ll get to his prize later, I hope. For now let me just take a look at his pre-politician days.

We were told when he first ran for the office he holds that he had been a Constitutional scholar. OK, I accept that, many have checked this information and while he has been accused of many over the top things, faking his credentials was not brought up to the best of my memory. I will not discuss any of the birth certificate stuff, all water under the bridge and not relevant to this rant or to me either. No, in my view, limited though it may be, I do think a semi-sane, somewhat rational human being with a partially functioning brain would have had some realistic expectations of a person with his educational and employment background.

For starters, one would have perhaps had the thought that a former Constitutional scholar would have at least a passing respect for silly old things, you know, those “quaint” odd things like, oh international law perhaps. Or, maybe a passing respect for the Geneva Conventions, old ideas about war crimes, crimes against humanity, and such as being at the very least, extremely naughty and things no civilized person should ever do or condone. Also, this passably semi-rational human might even go so far as thinking that a former Constitutional scholar would have a minimum of real respect for the Constitution that he was such a scholar of. You know, he might actually respect things, old quaint things, like the Bill of Rights and other Constitutional guarantees. Yes, I DID say/write guarantees, not suggestions. Aha, you see what I did there? Well, of course, you ARE quite a bright person. I do not mean to be in any way demeaning with that last remark, just me being me, sarcastic and cynical. You see, I have come across some living, breathing people, they assure me they are human, who don’t actually understand that the Constitution DOES have certain guarantees in it. Yes, that old Bill of Rights thing.

I submit that a real scholar of the US Constitution WOULD have a good bit of respect for that document and the ideas in it. Also, said scholar/president would respect the Bill of Rights. This is contrary to what the drone king, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. is doing/has done these past years since 2009. With the announcement recently that government employees are now expected to “keep tabs” on their fellow employees and report any suspicious activity/behavior and they can be prosecuted for not ratting out said activity/behaviors.  Excuse me, but where did the First Amendment go? Does the Fifth Amendment also no longer apply? Yeah, that one about not having to incriminate oneself. With the newly revealed PRISM in the news of late, we can safely (?) say that the Fourth Amendment is history, unless one feels that privacy is NOT a Constitutional guarantee. And that only just lightly touches on three of the original ten amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Now, why do I go on and on about the Bill of Rights? Well, a very brave and very honorable man, General Smedley Butler wrote a short pamphlet titles “War is a Racket”. He did so after having served as an officer in the US Marine Corps for over 33 years, during which time, he was awarded the Medal of Honor TWICE. In that short pamphlet he says that there are only two reasons for war; 1) to defend OUR homes and 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. The man knew of what he spoke. Yes, a decorated war hero wrote those things and more about war and the Wall Street banksters behind every war and military intervention of his 33 years in uniform and those same “interests” are still at it and will continue until things in the old US of A change. Will the current president, our piece prizident, answer to those who want to end the surveillance of our phone calls, emails, internet searches, and to “be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, an no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause……….” Yes, that old Fourth Amendment again, not quoted in full, but, you get the drift of it. As to “looking out for” our coworkers, does not the First Amendment apply? If I make some offhand comment at work, does not the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment not apply, as long as I do not call for a revolt against the US government? It sure used to. It even applied to the Marines during my enlistment.

How is it that a former Constitutional scholar seems not to be bothered, actually orders people to disobey that same Constitution? Does this not bother other US citizens? I see on the internet that it does bother many non-Americans around the world. Maybe Americans are too busy with “reality TV” to be bothered.

As to international law, I know next to nothing, but I have read that this administration has violated it and so did the previous administration. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are testaments to that. Now the Geneva Conventions I have very limited knowledge of, but we did get lectures on it in boot camp back in 1968. Those laws/rules forbid war crimes and crimes against humanity. That has not even been a minor speed bump to either the W. Bush nor the Obama administrations. In short, thanks to the previous and current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C., the United States of America is now a rogue nation. Yes folks, all of us Americans are criminals, thanks to our supposed leaders and government. Ain’t old ‘merikkka a grand place? Oh, and YES, that last WAS very, very sarcastic and was meant to be. In short, I am very pissed off at “my” government and despite the current “climate” here in the US of A, I refuse to be afraid of any damn government. I am 65 and not in the best of health. I have been dealing with chronic back pain for nearly 24 years, I have arthritis in one knee and one shoulder that can only be relieved with joint replacement, and severe COPD.  As you can see, I don’t have many years left. I mentioned this not for any sympathy or pity, but to point out that while I may wish to live out what life I have left in relative peace and quiet, I refuse to be silent when I see injustice and crimes all around me, being done/condoned by “my” own government. I refuse to give in and give up.

It is time, past time actually, for those who still want freedom and world peace to stand up and shout ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!  Enough of the damn fool wars of choice. Remember, even a US war hero said that there are ONLY two reasons for war, and none of them include any sort of profits by the Wall Street banksters. What are those reasons? To defend OUR homes and to defend the Bill of Rights. Well, from the news it sure looks very much like BOTH our homes and the Bill of Rights sure as hell need some defending and damn soon, or we will have to do without them all.


Until next time, assuming there will be a next time. Take care and stay safe.

A clarification and another rant

Back again. So soon too.

I forgot to tell some needed personal background in the last post. One could possibly conclude from my comments on the current war in Syria that I like war. Nothing could be further from the truth. I served four years as a US Marine. I was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant and did a tour in Vietnam (1970-71). I despise war and it is my personal opinion that war is THE most pornographic thing we humans have ever devised. For another perspective on war, I highly recommend you get a copy of “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Darlington Butler. He served as an officer in the US Marine Corps for over 33 years and was awarded the Medal of honor twice. Read his short pamphlet for his views on war and US imperialist tactics. It is eye opening to say the least.

Now, on to another topic that has got me a bit pissed off.

TV, yes, the idiot box, boob tube, electronic babysitter, or any other name you wish to call it. I remember years ago when TV actually had programs worth my time. The Learning Channel (TLC) actually had programs that did actually get you to learn things. The History Channel had programs with real history. Yes, there was a time when it devolved into a World War Two/Hitler/Nazi channel, but at least the programs were actual history. Discovery Channel had real science based programs as well. The Arts and Entertainment Channel (A&E) actually had some worth while programs, on Sunday they had the “Sunday Morning with the Arts” that was excellent.

Well, those were the “good old days” apparently. Now, it is either “reality TV” or conspiracy crap. Case in point, The History Channel and its newest spin off H2. History is mostly “reality TV” with the likes of “Pawn Stars” or “American Pickers”. While those may be of some small interest as a curiosity, they are not history. Not to me at least. H2 seems to thrive on conspiracy with shows like “America Unearthed” and “America’s Book of Secrets”, or their “biggie” “Ancient Aliens”.

I am going to pick on the latter, just because it could have been half way interesting, but seems to have settled on being boring and devoid on any real discussions/debates. I have noticed that NONE of the Ancient Alien Theorists as they like to call themselves (AAT’s from here out) never seem to disagree on camera with each other. For every question they raise about the possibility of Aliens having influenced ancient humans ALWAYS gets the reply of; YES. Yes, it was aliens who gave the knowledge to the ancient Egyptians so they could build the pyramids. Basically, these AAT’s are telling us that our distant ancestors were completely dumb or, better yet, stupid. Without the interventions of these aliens, humanity would never have got out of the trees. Apparently, or according to the AAT’s, humans are not capable of original thought. They ask things like, how did huge stones get cut, transported, and erected around the planet? The answer, every single time, is…………..wait for it………..aliens. Always, aliens, with their superior knowledge and tools/techniques. Just because they cannot explain how or why those things were done, aliens is always the why, the how, etc..

Garbage! Horse hockey! Bull pucky! Humans are a curious bunch. We are inventive also. We try things just because. Of course we often fail and fail big time when we first attempt new things. Just look at the US space program. Just about every single rocket the US launched, or tried to launch, in the 1950’s and early 1960’s failed on the launch pad or shortly after launch. OK, back to the drawing board and try, try again. Some years later, guess what folks? We got to the moon! Yeah, and not just once either. True, since then we haven’t done much in the way of human space travel, but NASA is working on that along with many private companies. True, the US DID use many captured Nazi scientists, but guess who they were following the work of? An American scientist, Dr. Robert Goddard. The same Goddard the Goddard space center is named for. Old Warned von Braun himself said so.

But, so say the AAT’s, none of this would have been remotely possible without the alien influence in our distant past. The worst thing in all this, we are never given any opposing view of history in “Ancient Aliens” the TV show. There are no opposing views/opinions and are told repeatedly that it is all due to aliens who came to this planet for their own personal reasons. These AAT’s take old myths as proof of alien intervention. In other words, the old Greek and even older myths are “real”. They were written down as we have them today due to the fact that our distant ancestors did not have the words to describe exactly what they did see, so, it is ALL because of aliens. Yeah, and I hear there may or may not be a certain bridge for sale, cheap to the right buyer. Yes, in the America of 2013 one has to take nearly every media with a grain of salt, but, for these AAT types, I am inclined to see a need for train car loads of salt.

Oh, and of course “main stream science” wants to suppress this “truth” about the aliens. It was supposed to remain a “secret” but these intrepid AAT’s found out and are letting us all in on this “secret”. Oh, and while doing so, they are reaping huge amounts of our money doing books, videos, and TV shows.

History? On TV? I wish.

For the record, I DID see some real history on one of those channels yesterday. They reran an old program about the Middle Ages and the Dark Ages, that were fairly accurate. I suppose for that I should be thankful, but for the misuse of ancient myth, I cannot bring myself to jump for joy at a four hour block of reruns. Yeah, I am just that sort of nasty old man I suppose.

And so it goes.

First true entry

OK, here I go with the first truly new rant at this site/blog.

Have you noticed the current US housing market? In some areas of the country home prices seem to be rising. When you look behind the headlines, you see that it is all driven by the big institutional investors and big hedge funds. They think they see bargains and of course the possibility of huge profits. Poor little fellers, they will not realize this. Buying up vacant homes and refurbishing them to rent out is costly. Just normal maintenance can eat away any and all profits. Get a “bad” tenant and after you evict him/her, just check the costs to repair any malicious damage left behind.

In short, watch the prices for vacant houses level off or even drop. Another bubble in the making? Well, according to one analyst I respect, no. He seems to think this next leveling or price drop will not be as bad as the last time home prices dropped to new lows. Yes Mike, this is a shout out to you and your excellent articles. P.S., Mike Whitney can be read at the web site  I highly recommend reading his articles for serious economic analysis. In my opinion, he always tells the truth as he sees it.

Poor Syria, the common people of that nation are getting no peace at all. As of today, the chances for peace in Syria are starting to look just a tiny bit better though. The Syrian  Army is winning against what passes as the “rebel” Free Syrian Army (FSA). In truth, the FSA is NOT free nor entirely Syrian. The FSA is mostly made up of US/NATO/GCC/Israeli mercenaries, many with direct links to al-Qaeda. Some “rebels” for you.  The city of Qusayr has fallen, or is about to fall to the Syrian Army. The mercenary FSA is about to lose another pitched battle in spite of huge cash and weapons inflow from the US/NATO/GCC. Seems that money cannot always buy “success” for the “alliance” these days.

Syria, like Libya to an extent, is an odd sort of war. We have been told in the US of A that “we” are at war with al-Qaeda, and yet, here we are allies with the very same jihadi forces that the US/NATO is supposedly fighting to eliminate. Odd isn’t it? But, only if, and it is a rather large if, one believes the MSM in the US of A, such as the TV news and the major papers.

On a much lighter note, how many people in the US of A are getting sick of these supposedly “reality”TV shows? Reality? Seriously? My opinion is there is no reality to any of them. I wonder how many takes each scene has to run through before the producers are satisfied with the “reality” of it all. No doubt the stations that run them love them as they are very cheap to produce. Well, we get what we pay for.

Until next time, thanks to all who stopped by to read this old guy and his rants.