Thinking (do I ever?) out loud

Some how I seem to feel that I have not expressed myself very well. Sort of like I have left out some important bits of why I see/feel/think the way I do. Yes, I rant and raise hell often. Maybe too often. I tend to get quite nasty, sarcastic, cynical, and down right snarky. True, oh so very true. Yep, I can and do admit my faults. Actually, I have far too many to list. How many decades do you have to read that list? LOL, far more would be required and even then, the list would probably be very incomplete.

I took a break today and went back to a “safe zone”. Been far too long away from there. This post is going to borrow from that place and I will post some lyrics that seem appropriate to why I rant on and on so often. I do not do this for myself. Hell, I am near the  end of this ride and this is not done for me. I get so pissed off at the absolute bullshit of this world because of the children. Take a good hard look around at what we have made of things. Now, ask yourself just who is going to be stuck with it all? Huh, well, any answers? OK, let me give you a clue; the kids are going to have to deal with all the goddamn shit we have/will leave behind when our timecard gets punched that final time. Yeah, the children and their children, etc..

So, I rant because we have no right to stick our shit on those innocent children. They do the suffering now and long after we are safe and sound out of this life. We will be long gone and they and their children and their children’s children will have to try like bloody hell to clean the whole place up as best they can.

What a damn dirty trick to play on that innocent child who was born since you started to read this screed. I mean seriously, what the hell has that new born done to rate that shit? Nothing, absolutely not one single damn thing. And yet, there she/he is, wondering where the hell she/he is now and what sort of place is it. Well, we know what sort of place it is. Damn straight. A place we want the hell out of, ASAP damn it! The sooner the better for some. Don’t even try to bullshit an old former Marine/Vietnam vet, I know bloody damn well that some of you cannot wait to get out of the shithouse we have made or allowed to be made. I see it on the web sites and in the emails and the social media sites, even the TV and newspapers.

I don’t have any solutions. Never did, not that it would matter. I don’t have half the alphabet after my name. Not a highly educated person. Just an old working class guy with a couple of associates degrees. Big deal. Well, yes, big damn deal.

I do think I might have some suggestions though. We seem to have nearly run out of solutions and maybe a suggestion from the masses just could be a place to try and start.

How many of you who claim to like music really LISTEN to the songs? I mean seriously LISTEN to the lyrics. Yeah, sure, you go; “Oh, nice beat. Catchy tune. Cute words.” Come ON people, that is not LISTENING, that is just hearing. In my (not so very damn) humble opinion, hearing is passive. You get in your car, drive down some road, stereo on, friends in the passenger seats. OK, you hear the engine running, the stereo, and your friends talking, but you are not LISTENING to any of it. Not really. Nope, IF you are a really good driver, a safe driver, you are concentrating on driving. ALL the rest is background, you HEAR it all, but are not LISTENING to any of it, with the possible exception of your engine. THAT you may actually LISTEN to especially if you don’t maintain your car as you ought to. Yep, waiting for some nasty sound that tells you; “Oh shit, when WAS the last time I had this thing serviced?”. See, you HEAR things but you do not always LISTEN.

Well, here is a challenge for you then. If you own or know somebody who does own the album, play it, borrow it, but play it. The album is by the Moody Blues. The title is; “To our children’s, children’s, children”. OK, now, the song you need to LISTEN to, and I mean really LISTEN is this one; “Eyes of a child”. OK, THIS is how we ALL should look at this wonderful world we inhabit. Maybe, just maybe IF we all did, or if not all of us a majority of us, then perhaps this world might not be in the sad shape it is today. Maybe there might be just a tiny bit less greed. A but less pollution from all the disposable crap we buy again and again. The (not so very) old US of A has even got to the point where we in this country even have, may whatever gods exist have pity on us, disposable children. Don’t believe me? Just look at poor, dead, Trayvon Martin. Look at the orphanages around the country. Go to you local school and see how many children show up every damn day hungry, homeless even. Now, I fucking goddamn DARE you to tell me just how much you fucking care about the future. Go ahead, I can take any and all of your shit.

In case you don’t have or cannot borrow the album, it IS available on You Tube and no doubt other online music sites. Oh, and when you do LISTEN to this song, below are the lyrics. Now you can READ them as you LISTEN to the song.

Listen, hear the sound

The child awakes

Wonder all around

Now in his life, he never must be lost

No thoughts must deceive him

In life he must trust.

With the eyes of a child

You must come out and see

That your world’s spinning ’round

And through life you will be

A small part of a hope

of a love that exists

In the eyes of a child you will see.

Earth fall away

New life awaits

Time it has no day

New life awaits.

Here is your dream

And now how does it feel?

No words will go with you

And now what is real?

With the eyes of a child

You must come out and see

hat your world’s spinning ’round

And through life you will be

A small part of a hope

Of a love that exists

In the eyes of a child you will see.

I do hope you did LISTEN. And if you did and were not moved, well then I truly do pity you.

All we can do, any of us, is our best. I do not expect any of you to jump up and try to save the world. Hell, I can’t even jump, so I am useless for world savings now, if I ever was useful that is. I just get so tired of the complaints, mine included. Hell, I detest my own gripes and all more than any. What I am getting at is, we need to see this place as a wonder. Through the eyes of a child. If you have children, or know a child, you know how the very young are totally fascinated by nearly everything. They see it all with a child’s sense of wonder. We, we adults, we’ve lost that wonder and damn we sure need to try and get it back. It really isn’t all that hard people. Honestly. Just look for some flowers in bloom, go to a park that has some green trees, go to a nice stream or a clean beach, if you can find one. Hell, if you can see the sky through the damn smog, look at the clouds. Watch cat videos on the interwebs. That alone ought to give you a smile if not an outright laugh. Just try, not all day every day, I’d never ask that much, not even of myself. I’m too damn lazy and grumpy for all day, every day fun stuff. Yes, I do not always practice what I preach, but damn, I admit it, unlike the hypocrites who DO preach long and loud and all too often at us.

OK, I’ve no doubt bored the hell out of all long before now, so time to wind this up. A last few lines of another Moody Blues song; from “After you came”, I’ll close with these lines,

“I’ve been doing my best

What else can I do?

Is there something I’ve missed

That will help you through?”

Until next time, if there is one, please be good to each other. Oh, and try, at least one time, to see through the eyes of a child. You just may enjoy it.

A MUST read article.

Good people, there is a truth teller among us. His name is Bob Boldt. His excellent article was posted to the Media With Conscience web site. The title is; “The Liberal defection from thought, courage and reason”. I cannot recommend it highly enough. In my (not so very) humble opinion, this is THE absolute reason to discount what tries to pass itself off as “liberal” or even “progressive” in the (not so very) old US of A. My attempt for a link follows (I hope this time it works);


For what it may or may not be worth, I DO remember Mort and his look at the world. We need more like him now more than ever. We also need more like good old Tom Lehrer, whom I also remember and have many of his songs saved at You Tube. Do a giggle search, or use your favorite web search engine for both of these people. Mort Sahl and Tom Lehrer.
By the way, Mr. Lehrer is still among we living, having recently celebrated, I believe, his 85th birthday. While he has not released any new music in a very long time, check him out on You Tube and even read some of the comments left. His songs are as relevant today as the day he first preformed them. Yeah, music, like good literature can and often does that.
Update, according to Wikipedia, Mort is still above ground. Yes, another way of saying he is alive today. Checking his Wikipedia entry today, he is listed as 86, yep, still with us.
While they may no longer be active in social commentary, we still have them among us. How fortunate that makes me at least feel.
Last update (for now), A check of You Tube shows video of Mort Sahl is available. This old guy says check these out.
Until next time, and there just may be a next time (perhaps) be good to each other. All we have is this one small planet and each other.

In which I offer a true confession

Well hell, time to really come clean as it were.

Yes, in all honesty I need to admit to one and all, and most importantly to myself the real truth of things. Well things as I see them or something like that.

It may not be pretty and may surprise some who have communicated with me over the past years. But, time to admit the honest truth about the person who posts these rants. In all seriousness, I really do sincerely wish like hell that I could for even one short hour, the full 60 minutes, for once just stop caring. Truly stop caring about everything. Yes, everything as in absolutely every fucking goddamn thing period. Just an hour, one time only even. My blood pressure would maybe even offer a small thanks to me if, IF, I could do that. What passes itself off as my brain, mind, or (I think I have one) conscience might be able to relax a bit during that magical, wished for hour.

This is NOT a joke. I am goddamn serious about this wish of mine. One hour and I promise to ask for no more. Really, I could say that hour was like alcohol, which I am fortunate to be able to take or leave with ease. Yes, unlike my smokes. OK, I can admit to being “hooked” on my smokes. Hell I have even been making my own for the last 23 years and I DO enjoy at least 19 out of every pack of 20. Booze, if I have a beer, great, if I don’t have any, great. I could say that hour was a good quality, cold beer and be satisfied for the next 65+ years with that one. Honest. I last drank a good cold beer about 4 years ago and do not miss it. Yeah, my docs may say with the pain meds I need every day beer may not be a good chaser for the pills, but hell, I never did want to live forever any who. And one thing I do know, when I am dead and gone, I will not miss me.

It isn’t enough that the drone king (Gobomber the (ig)noble piece prizident) has his kill list and today (being a Tuesday) will be checking it twice to see who gets droned this week. It isn’t more than enough that the vile zionist entity keeps up the land theft and the oppression of the Palestinian people. Add in the unlawful, useless, damn fool wars of choice (those we know of and those as yet unmentioned) not to even mention a certain Mr. Snowden and what he has said and has yet to say about how the entire world is being spied on every second of every day by the spooks at the NSA. The amount of raw data being downloaded every second by said spooks is beyond mind boggling. What the hell ARE “yottabytes” any damn way? {Note to self; do a “Wikipedia” search of yottabytes} According to one source, a yottabytes is a TRILLION terabytes

OK, now in human terms that is…………..beyond mind boggling for me at least. [leaves blog to do “wiki” search]. Holy crap! Wikipedia says a yottabytes is 1000^8 power. And that is basically what is “collected” by the NSA for storage capacity. Now, it has been said that “just” 15 terabytes and you can store EVERY publication in the entire Library of Congress! Holy crap! And just HOW is the NSA or anybody going to be able to sift through this huge data pile? Remember back after 9/11 how we were told they were not able to prevent the attacks because they had such a huge, overwhelming amount of data to sift through? Yeah, WAY back in those dark times of that far distant time, 2001-2002. Oh, those near data less days of yore. Well hell, even with the fastest ever super computer, hell the faster than fastest ever super-duper-duper comup-puters they will in no way get “real time” analysis. It ain’t possible due to some damn pesky “laws of physics”. Oh hell yes, science fiction can be an excellent read and a true inspiration, but it is still fiction. When was the last time any of you saw, let alone used a transporter?   Or, going “way” back, had your doctor use one of those cool “scanners” (hand held of course) that old Doc McCoy always had handy to find what ailed you? Yeah, I thought so. Cool ideas, but fiction. Just like the pipe dream of real time analysis of that huge amount of data. Not even in your wildest dreams. The absolute LAWS of physics say, nope, sorry pal, no go, does NOT compute, no way Jose.

Countless trillions of dollars wasted chasing smoke and mirror mirages. And, the people, what there is left of the working class and poor folks gets crap for medical care, but always they DO get the bill for it. They get the “honor” of paying for these bull shit dreams and oh, don’t forget, the “honor” to serve as cannon fodder for the next goddamn totally useless fucking war of choice.

And, Jesus H. Christ on a goddamn crutch, I have NOT even mentioned a certain Mr. Zimmerman and Florida. Holy shit! Any wonder, real wonder why, just WHY I would like to be able to fucking TRY to have one goddamn hour, just once where I could honestly STOP caring period? Really, is my request that unthinkable? Am I being so vile and selfish to even think of asking this?

This was going to be a different post. It really was, but it just grabbed my hands and took off. Yep, all on its own.

I sincerely do apologize for being so self pitying today. I promise to never do so again. So many hurt far worse and have done for far longer than I have. For those people I do have  real compassion. I wish I could do more for them, but I am only one broken old man.

Until next time, please, treat others as you want to be treated. Stay safe, or try to. It is a very nasty world out there.

With liberty and justice for all (who can afford it)

Wow. By now you have read the news. A jury in Florida has found a Mr. Zimmerman NOT guilty of killing Travon Martin.

True, I did not follow the trial closely and did not hear/see the evidence presented during the trial. Still, NOT guilty of any crime? Not even the catch all of discharging a firearm within the city limits? Wow, just wow is all I can say at this time.

There have been and no doubt will be more, protests over this verdict. All such protests so far have been peaceful. I am glad of that fact. Peace is much better than violence. And yet………….

Only in Florida…………or……………..

America, what a country.


An excellent article is available today about the Snowden “affair”. It is by Mr. Richard Falk, another heroic person. The article can be found at;


What I get from this is what we are seeing regards Mr. Snowden is just the latest example of the total bull shit of the “exceptional nation” crapola that is so prevalent among the “ruling” class of the United States of America. We, the entire world, has suffered this crap for far too long. We got this bull shit from our former Secretary of State, a certain Madass Al(not so) bright during the Clinton presidency.  And most likely much earlier, yes I have not always followed national/world events so closely, a personal failing that I readily admit. The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. is just the latest example of this false bull shit of “American exceptionalism” the idea (if it can be called such) of the US of A as THE “indispensable nation”. What a crock of shit! Says who? Seriously, outside of the District of Columbia and maybe a few right wing tank thinkers, just who the hell thinks that the US of A is in any goddamn way “indispensable”? And no, the loyal viewers of Faux Noise do not count, nor do those who stare at any TV “news” shows and feel they are informed count either. NO nation has ever been, nor will be/can be, “indispensable”. I refuse to believe that of ANY nation state. Yes, I admit that some nations have done much good for many around the globe, but NONE of them have ever done so for truly humanitarian reasons. The US of A in particular always acts in its own best self interest. Where ever “we” go, our banksters are close behind any and all humanitarian aid. Always looking for the next opportunity for ever more obscene profits. “Indispensable nation”, “the exceptional country”, my dead ass! Bull shit.

Think for one moment. This is me thinking out loud, so yeah, a “fairy tale” if you will. Suppose for a moment that Snowden was a Chinese guy and he had the “goods” on the China version of the NSA, he had all on China what he supposedly has on the US and the NSA. Now, he escapes China, but ends up in some imagined Hong Kong. With me so far? OK, he then gets to, oh, maybe a huge airport in Moscow. Now the Russians and Chinese are pals, but they have had some major disagreements in my own life time, so the Russians refuse to send him home. The US of A, as they claim, want him, of course they do. Well, he looks for asylum and nobody really wants to help as they all fear China, which is the US of A in this “tale” of mine. Now, the president of some smaller nation is in Russia for an international get together on, oh, gas and oil production. OK? Well, the confab is over and this president flies home. Some Chinese ambassador in some European country thinks(?) the Chinese Snowden might (might) be on that presidential jet. China makes a few phone calls and, viola, the presidential jet is denied airspace over all Europe and is forced to land in neutral territory, say Austria, just to stay closer to reality. Said president and his jet are held for 14 hours and the aircraft is searched for the “criminal”. OK, got all that? Now, think for another minute. Just what do you think the US of A would be doing now? Can you say screaming at the tops of its collective lungs about air piracy? International law breaking? Respect for a democratically elected head of state? Yeah, those self righteous ‘Merikkkans would be damn near ready to go to war with the vile Chinese for this crime. Now, ask yourself, why should anybody ever give a rats ass about anything the US of A has to say about Snowden and his bid for political asylum? Who the fuck do the “leaders” and TV/print media pundits think they are? Seriously! Just how goddamn self righteous can a gang of criminals be? The drone king is showing his true colors here people. He has no use at all for the working class or poor people except as cannon fodder for his continuing goddamn useless wars of choice around the planet.

ENOUGH!!!!! Enough of the goddamn wars and senseless killings. Enough of the obscene profits. People power is all that can possibly save us all. Power TO the people.

And, if all that isn’t bad enough, there is more.

Down South of my home in Louisiana we have a big sink hole. It is due to a break in a salt dome. It is getting larger and many have had to leave their homes as there are toxic chemicals stored in these underground salt mines/salt domes. Nasty stuff like propane, butane and all sorts of chemicals. Water poured into the sink hole as there is a bayou there. For those who have never been to the US South, a bayou is a body of water. It is not necessarily a flowing body as a stream, creek, or river are. It is not a lake or pond. You need to consult a dictionary for a better definition, I have only lived here 13  years and am in no way any sort of expert on the geology/geography of the state.

Also, we now have another well in the Gulf of Mexico out of control. This time it is a gas well and there so far is no fire or explosion, “just” an out of control gas well that is leaking natural gas into the Gulf. The rig, according to the report this AM, has been evacuated. The Coast Guard says the slick is approximately 3 miles by 4 miles in area. Not a minor deal to me, but again, I am not a gas/oil guy, just and old machinist/mechanic. And the dead zone in the Gulf just keeps expanding.

And, as a parting shot, there is this.

Yes, they are thinking(?) of building and operating floating nuclear power plants. Holy crap! This is NOT a gag article people, it is real.

I apologize for the “broken” link at the top for the Falk article. For some reason, the edit function will not let me post the full link. I am certain it is my error and have tried to correct it with zero success. The article is titled “What am I missing in the Snowden affair?” by Richard Falk. It is on the front page at the MWC web site today, 10 July, 2013. Again, my apology for the partial link.
Until next time, be good to each other.