More stupid at every level

Once again, stupid just comes along and out does the last “most stupid” moment/act of stupidity.

How so, you ask?

Consider this. Here in the state of Louisiana, a poll was done that found 29% of those who claim to be members of the elephant gang (aka; republican party) said that the drone king (aka Gobomber {the piece prizident Obama}) is “responsible” for the poor response to hurricane Katrina. Yes, I know, that sort of stupid does tend to make the head spin rapidly.  If only it were a spoof, like they do at the Onion. Unfortunately, that is not the case here, the results are valid. Mind you, those of us who even most causally pay any attention to the news of the US of A will remember that W. Bush (aka; shrub) was the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D. C. when Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf coast. At that time, the drone king was just the junior U. S. senator from the state of Illinois. So much for even relatively recent U. S. history. Seriously, that was “just” eight (8) somewhat short years ago. Is the collective memory of Louisiana republicans THAT short? Amazing. Well, to me it is, nearly beyond belief in fact. How could a junior senator have such control over the federal response to a natural disaster?

Oh, and for additional bits of real history, the current governor of Louisiana, one Bobby Jindal, was a U. S. congress critter. Could he have any responsibility for the poor response? The poll apparently did not ask that question, but when considering the supposed intelligence and historical memory of the Louisiana republicans, no doubt they would say no to that question. Hey, around these parts, republicans being the occupants of the governors mansion, the republicans can do no wrong, even when they do wrong. Yeah, a very odd place indeed.

Now, for a change of pace that really isn’t, well, not much change. Our dear leader, the drone king is poised to go to war, for real, in Syria. Why? Because he and his advisors claim that the current leadership of Syria has used chemical weapons against its own civilians. Not unlike what old Saddam Hussein did to the Kurds of northern Iraq after papa Bush had had his own small war with Iraq way, way back in 1991. Remember that? Some of us do, honestly. Also, it IS true history and papa Bush, who had encouraged the Kurds and other minorities in Iraq to rise up and throw off the régime of Mr. Hussein. Yep, also true and real history. Of course when those poor folks tried to do so, Saddam repressed them very ruthlessly and papa Bush and the rest of NATO did absolutely nothing to aid those poor people.

Seeing as how the Iraq war, for the US of A at leads and NATO, is over and the Afghan war coming to a rapid close (well maybe) and Yemen and Somalia being still sort of back burner and Africa not quite on the boil, one does suppose (sort of, but not really) get the idea that the drone king needs another hot war. Why Syria? well, for one thing, that poor nation has been involved in a nasty civil war for some years now. It is also unfortunate in that it has a common border with the zionist entity and old Nuttyassed- Yahoo just seems to enjoy killing non Jewish types and getting the US of A to fight his nasty wars for him. Witness the ongoing mess with Iran, the entity would love nothing more than getting the drone king to “take out” Iran in case they start to make the nuclear weapons that the zionist entity already has in relative abundance. Iran claims it is not working to build any such weapon and to date, every intelligence agency (in particular, those in the US of A) also say that Iran is NOT trying to build any nuclear bombs.

As a side line, in my opinion, Iran would be justified in building a nuclear bomb as a deterrent to any and all aggression from the US of A, NATO, and the zionist entity. Those three gangs have and continue to threaten Iran even though every US intelligence agency has said Iran is NOT working on such a weapon nor are they diverting any nuclear fuel to any weapons program. Of course there are always those who will not believe any reports that conflict with their own preconceived beliefs. Yes, some people refuse to see the truth no matter how often they are exposed to it. Immunity to truth seems to be somewhat common among certain people. I wish there were some vaccine that could rid the world of such affliction, but we are only left with the current means of repeating the truth as loudly and as long as possible with the fervent hope that in time, more will come to see the truth. The question this brings us to is this; does the world have that much time until things get really strange and some damn fool sets off a nuclear war? Yeah, some question, no? Now you see why I don’t join many groups, I tend to ask questions like that, questions that seem to be unanswerable. Maybe not unanswerable, but damn near unknowable. Maybe both.

Apparently, the drone king is set on a hot war with Syria. The leadership of the zionist entity seems to favor this for reasons that are beyond me. OK, to be fair, every damn fool war since 1945 that the US of A has been engaged in is beyond me, and I was a participant in the Southeast Asian War Games, aka the Vietnam War (1970-71).  Just what was that war really about? My best guess, profits for Wally Street and the banksters and the “defense” industries and other rich folks and corporations. Yep, just like every damn fool war of choice since.

Syria has, of course, been in the cross hairs of the current US administration for some long time and now, it looks as if that is going to get really hot and soon. Note that this seems to be the case in spite of the fact that a majority of citizens in the US of A oppose this move. Well sure, who the hell do we common folks think we are? Since when did our opinions or concerns matter to those who run this country? Seriously, when was the last time (I could have said the first time) that the ruling class of America cared what the working class or the poor folks thought on anything? Oh, and throwing us a few crumbs from their overladen dinner table is NOT paying attention to us. How many working class and poor really want and end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs? How many of us want ever more burdens on our children in the form of unpayable student loans?  How many of us are overjoyed that our children even with a college degree, must move back home after school as housing is beyond what their wages/salaries can afford?

Have pity on the people of Syria, they are about to be “liberated” by the US/NATO and nobody even bothered to ask their opinion.  Of course, the rulers of the US of A do not feel the need to ask any of us for our opinions as the whether or not we want more damn fool wars of choice. Could that be due to the fact that most sane, rational people do not want more war? You decide.

Until next time, please, try to treat all as you wish to be treated. Be good to each other.