Still alive

Well I have been very slow about posting of late. Very slow. If any missed me, sorry. Those who didn’t, too bad, I’m still alive.

What a mess this old place has become. The US of A, I mean. What fools we have as our supposed leaders. Man alive, the lies they shove at us is enough to make anybody sick enough to think seriously about leaving. Ah, but where in this world would you go to? What country is there where one could be reasonably safe? What nation has a real Bill of Rights? OK, that is a trick question. The US of A has/had one, it just sort of “forgets” it when they do or want to do something that the first ten amendments to the US Constitution say they cannot/must not do.

You know what I am getting at here, don’t you? Well yes, I do mean the NSA and all this crap about spying on citizens of the US of A and the entire world. Why not spy on US citizens? Hey, we DO spy on our best buddies in other countries. France is upset over this and the leader of Germany is quite upset that “we” may have monitored her cell phone calls. Might have? Oh please, that is beyond laughable. Of course “we” did spy on her. Any best “we” spy on Benny Nuttyassed-yahoo?  Bets “we” do not. Why? Well, according to some sources, there are Israeli companies who “help” the NSA etc. spy on the world. Now, if “we” spied too much on the leader of the zionist entity, well, there WOULD be repercussions. Big time. Also, the neocons (neo-crazies) would get on their high hobby horses in a heart beat.  Yes, I DO think the real loyalties of the neocrazies ARE the zionist entity FIRST, the US of A, a distant second, at best.

Back to the NSA for now. Oh the lies they push on us, even on the congress critters. Oh, and the congress critters, most of them (in particular the elephant gang type and their tea party brethren) just eat it up like it was the best ever dessert. In fact, they rush out to say exactly what the head honcho of the NSA just told them, even after it has been shown to be wrong! Yeah, the tea ‘tards just love all that spy/military/drone crapola. Mind you, most of these clowns have never even worn a military uniform (except possibly as a Halloween costume) or ever been in combat themselves, but hey, they sure as hell love the idea of brown, black, colored folks getting droned to death. Oh dearie me, did I just sort of call some congress critters racists? Well, I actually am certain that many of the ARE racists, so there. Truth can be painful ya know. Let them do as one of their own, the governor of Louisiana, told them to do; put on their “big kid underwear”.  Oh man, I DO enjoy taking their own words and tossing them back at them. I know, I know, it doesn’t take much skill of smarts to do so, they ARE such easy targets and not a real challenge. OK, true, but damn, it IS so much fun.

The NSA claim is that this meta data collection/data mining, or whatever they do has stopped (or help stopped) 54 terror attacks in the US of A and in 20 other countries. Well, no, not quite there Sparky. Even the usually not very helpful Senator Leahy told them so. Well, not quite, he DID get General Alexander to admit that the 54 number was not exactly “correct”. Now I don’t know about any of you folks who stop by here, but to me, that seems to me the old general was less than truthful. As in he told a lie. Now that of course is not what any gummint type likes to have tossed at her/him, being called out for lying. As I just posted my thoughts on this, any bets I’ll make some list now? Big damn deal. What will they do to me? I’, permanently disabled, now fully retired and in poor health. Oh, I’m nearly 66 years old, what would I fear now? I survived four years as a US Marine and a tour in Vietnam, so again, big damn deal NSA, CIA, etc.. Big damn deal. Spy away, for what little use it will be. Hell, even when a bad person is caught, it is still mostly due to good old fashioned police work, real people doing real detective type work, connecting the dots. All the fancy super computers at the NSA and other spy outfits do not seem to capable of that task. Maybe those smart computers are not all that smart after all. Oh but man, they sure do look purrty don’ they now? Hot damn, we got some new ‘putters and a fancy new building out in Utah. Ooops, that new building has had more than a few “minor” problems as well. Oh well, it’s only tax payer money they used to build it with, big deal, new buildings always have issues. Yep, and I hear there may be a certain bridge for sale, cheap.

And the kicker is, so many people in the US of A fall for this bullshit. And some, like some congress critters, eat it up like it was the bestest EVER dessert cake! Well, as has been said many times before, you cannot fix stupid. Or, stupid is as stupid does. We seem to have a huge stupid surplus in the US of A, at every level. Some even have college degrees and even advanced college degrees. What a country.

The rich  get ever richer, the poor and working class get less and less, and the tea ‘tards keep telling us all how the drone king (Obama) is a socialist! What a laugh riot that is. Old Nixon was more to the left than the drone king ever was or will be. Oh, and you can toss in Billy Bob Bubba and Hi-Larry with Gobomber on that score. We do NOT have two political parties in the US of A. What we do have is two wings of the war party both run by and for the very rich, the 1%. If you ain’t rich, congress does NOT want to hear from or of you, unless said congress critter can get some political mileage out of you, then, get set for your 15 seconds of almost, sort of fame. Yippee! Ain’t old ‘Merikkka a damn fine place y’all? Yeehaw by god, it sure as hell is, for the rich.

Hey, did you folks enjoy the gummint shut down? Anybody else notice that the wars did NOT stop? Bet the payment to the zionist entity was made before the gummint shut down as well. Poor drone king though. Yep, he had to go and cancel his fun Asia trip. Poor lil’ feller. He really wanted to go too. Actually, he NEEDED to go to the meetings he canceled on. The meetings were important ones, but, like the rest of the D.C. morons, he had to play some game and just stay home and pout. The leader of China went to the meetings and he came out quite well. Didn’t the drone king have some sort of “pivot” towards Asia? Wasn’t that even a news story/event, his Asian pivot? Well, see, I am getting old as I can’t quite remember IF Gobomber even said anything about some Asian pivot or not. Yeah, old age is getting to my musty brain. Still, I sort of think he DID say the US of A needed to “pivot” to or towards Asia. But then, it could be my old memory is just playing tricks on me, again and he never said anything like that.

OK, enough “comedy”, he DID talk about a pivot to Asia and then, just because the tea ‘tards throw a fit, he cancels some very important meetings. No wonder this country is in the toilet, we have a gang of spoiled, semi retarded three years olds running the gummint, at all national levels for sure and at many lesser levels as well. Yeah, yeah, I know, I am not supposed to say retarded as it is not PC now days. Tough. Retarded IS retarded, so, if that upsets you, too bad. My blog, my opinions. Want different? Start your own blog. I did, so it can’t be too damn hard to do. At least I know I am not smart. Hell, I enlisted in the damn Marines in April of 1968. How dumb is that? One thing for sure, it was not very smart. Hey, at least I can still laugh at myself. How many politicians can honestly say that? How many of YOU can honestly say that? Yeah, stop and think a second. Honestly think, not some cheap, passing bit, a real, honest think. Again, if I can do it, it sure as hell can’t be too damn hard. Oh, I am NOT giving myself a pat on the shoulder here either. I could not even if I wanted to. I only have about 70% movement in my right (dominant) shoulder due to injury and arthritis, so there. Now, if I were to do a left handed pat…………….LOL, left handed, as in left handed compliment, get it? No, well, I am not going to explain it, as your mom or dad, maybe Wikipedia might help you. Maybe.

OK, I’m running on fumes about now. Been away from this posting too long and can’t come up with more outrage, shame, disgust. Actually I am sure I could, but I am getting tired and I need to take my meds.

I’ll try and not stay gone/quiet so long now, but ya never know with us old, retired, disabled folks. Oh, and we Do get cranky sometimes and need a nap every so often, and meds.

Until next time, please do try to be good to each other. Treat others as you want to be treated. You just might like it.