Follow up and additional information

This is an apology for missing links in the post yesterday. Also, I left out another article that touches on the topic of that post. I hope this will correct those errors.

First off, this measure has 26 cosponsors. Yes, you read that number correctly, 26. That is just over one quarter of the total of US senators. More than 25% of the entire US senate cosponsors this thing. This should be alarming, IF we did not already know that “our” elected officials have not really been working FOR the US and it citizens for decades. The two sides of the war party gang have long ago sold out to the highest bidders. We do not have two parties, we have two wings of the war party.

Another article that I should have included here yesterday is by Missy Beattie. It is on the Counterpunch web site. The link is;

The links that were missing from yesterday are as follows;

AIPAC’s exploding Christmas gift to Obama

and the following, Congress must not cede its war power to Israel;

Again, I apologize for the errors and omissions.

Until the next time, try to be good to each other.

Just who do US Senators represent?

Well, I hope all had the best Christmas they could have.
Now it is time to get down to the heart of this post. On 21 December 2013, an article was posted at Media With Conscience, notice the date. Yes, just a few days before a major US holiday. Now this is usually the way the government does try and slip things past us. They wait to release some new or major deal on a Friday afternoon or just before a big holiday. They do this for the main reason that the news media will miss the announcement, or being a weekend or big holiday, the whole thing will not get much coverage. Come Monday, well, as they say, by then it is old news.
Yes, I also waited until now to post this rant. I had started to form it the day I read it, then said to myself, no, let the good people who stop by here have a decent holiday without the outrage this should generate.
This resolution introduced by the following US Senators, Schumer (D-NY), Menendez (D-NJ), and Kirk (R-IL) would compel the US of A to take military action against Iran IF Israel decided to bomb Iran. Yes, you read that correctly. This would force the United States of America to join in an attack against a nation that has never been any sort of military threat to our country. Iran has not attacked another country in a very, very long time. Yes, Iran and Iraq did fight a very brutal war with each other in the 1980’s, but Iraq attacked Iran. The Iranians defended themselves and their nation from the attack by Iraq.
Iran is NOT a threat to Israel, never has been and will not be. Their nuclear program is for power generation and to make medical isotopes only. They have no desire to build a nuclear weapon. The supreme leader of Iran has issued a religious statement, a fatwa, against nuclear weapons. The CIA and all other US intelligence services have stated clearly that Iran has not been working towards a nuclear weapon for many years now.
Israel DOES have nuclear weapons. The exact number is uncertain as that country has never joined the NPT nor any other organization that could monitor their nuclear program. Iran HAS signed on to the NPT and has been under the most rigorous inspections ever imposed on any country in regards to a nuclear program. There has been diversion of even the smallest bit of nuclear material from any Iranian reactor for any weapon ever.
The article on MWC follows;
Another article at that site, a follow up, if you will is here;
Now being a veteran of the US Marines and having served in the Vietnam war, I cannot understand how any sane, semi-rational citizen of the US of A, let alone three, count them 3, US Senators could even imagine such a resolution as this. When I took civics way back in high school in the mid 1960’s, we were told that the congress people worked FOR the people of the US. We elect them after all. They are OUR representatives. They are elected by us to represent US.
OK, I know, this is not how the country works today. So, call me old fashioned, out of date, past my “sell by date”, whatever. We still DO have the Constitution, even though it does seem to have been run through the old shredder recently. Upon taking office, these congress critters still swear an oath TO the United States Constitution. They do not, at least not publicly, swear any such allegiance to a foreign country. When I enlisted in the Marines, I took an oath to defend that same Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.
Now the cynics will just say hold on old man, money talks you know. Well, no kidding? Hey, I know that, I am also very much a cynic and a damn sarcastic one more often than not. And still, yeah, and still………..I just cannot grasp this sort of thing. That three US Senators would introduce such a resolution as this. The US should allow some other country to use OUR military when they wish to, for their purposes? That also means that not only would this resolution give away the Constitutional power to declare war, it would allow said foreign country to dictate OUR foreign policies! Yeah, think on that for a few minutes.
Rather than rant on and on about this, I am just going to ask all read this to please contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to NOT support this vile bit of garbage. In my opinion, this is very close to treason, if it is not in fact treason. We should all be extremely outraged by this vile resolution and the low life morons behind it, including the three who introduced it. What a damn disgrace they are.
This world does not need any more damn fool wars. Iran is not a military threat to any other country. ENOUGH! Enough of the damn fool, idiotic wars of choice. We must NEVER allow any other country to have this sort of power over this country, its military and/or foreign policies.
Until next time, please be good to each other.
Thank you for your time.

An explaination, or is it an apology? Both perhaps………

I have a confession to make. To some of you good people, this will be no revelation. To those who are new to this blog and me, it may help to explain how I tend to reply to comments. Oh, I do this with emails and comments I post to other sites and blogs also.

OK, what IS this big reveal then? I am often, or at least quite often tend to be, very long winded. Even my “simple replies/answers tend to be rather long. What happens, I think, is that I read your comment or email and the old brain gets a reply ready and then, during the reply, I think of more to add to it. Now this can at times make sense. Other times, the reply gets off track, or off on some weird tangent. That happens more often than not. When I am in a particularly “talkative” mood, well, it can get way off topic and very long winded. Ah, but take heart dear reader, I even do this in person. Honest, I really DO.

Now I do not think I do this because I like the sound of my own voice, typing on this keyboard IS talking. Well, I talk to/at myself as I type, so it is my “voice” that is posting this. Voice need not be such that another being sitting next to me will hear with their ears, the “voice” a poet hears as she/he writes is not necessarily one that a bystander would hear either. No, by absolutely NO means do I intend to imply in any way that I am any sort of poet. Hells bells, I’m not even a writer. That must be obvious to any who ever read more than one sentence I have ever posted anywhere.

I post here the way I talk in person. Honest I do. I see it as a sort of conversation, except the reply is delayed. Which brings up another confession. I have been very bad at getting back and reading any replies left here in a timely manner. I have been bad at this since the first time I ever did any blog. For a long time I didn’t even realize I had any comments. I tended to just post and not check to see if I even had any comments. Why? Because I figured nobody would bother to read my rants and if they did, they’d never bother to make a comment. Wrong. For all those comments I never replied to on this or the old blog, my deepest apology. I promise to try and do better on this site. The same applies to my emails. I now use one email as primary, but, I do have two other email address and I need to check them more often. In a check of one I hardly ever use, there was a comment that had been there for the best part of a week. it was a nice comment even and I did send a reply and an apology for being such a rat and not sending a reply in a timely manner. I do not put this down to my (not quite so advanced) age. Hey 66 isn’t that old. Nope, it is just me being lazy or inattentive. Take your pick. I am guilty of one or both. Again, a promise to try and do better.

As for the long windedness, well, I think that will never change. You may get a rather short reply at times, but many replies will no doubt border on an entire new rant/blog post. If this is bothersome, you will have to let me know and I’ll have to make a note to me to try and keep replies to you short. Seriously, I will do that and it will not upset me if you ask me to keep my reply to you short. I do understand that not all of you good people are retired or have loads of time to wade through a long winded, off track, what the bloody heck sort of reply. I do not ever want to abuse your time.  I do admit that having lots of free time, I often do forget that some of you still have jobs and families and lives beyond reading this blog and my reply to your comments/emails.

That said, I do welcome any and all comments here. I always have enjoyed comments, even negative comments. Any information and/or links are also always welcome. I still enjoy learning on nearly every topic.

Next post, I’ll try to have a topic that might be of actual interest to some. Oh, and possibly some questions, always questions. Some times it feels like life IS questions, but man, isn’t it interesting?

Until next time, please, be good to each other. Treat others as you want to be treated. Smile at people, you just might make somebodys’ day.

What I really detest

Yes I know, it is now mid December and most people are sending out their version of “Seasons Greetings” and such. Well, OK, sure that is a nice thing to do. It IS customary even, so, to all who stop by here to read my rantings, I wish you one and all a very happy holiday season and may the coming new year be a good one for us all.

Before I get to the heart of this rant, the thing(s) I truly detest above all else, a comment on something I read today. The writer was commenting on how he/she was left with a feeling of inadequacy, or something like that. Now, granted I may have misread the intent of the author, I have done that before with various articles and books and no doubt it won’t be the last time I do so. My opinion is that this season does that to many of us. I have felt that way before and even now, sometimes still do. We feel that we have not just enough, but more than enough and so many have so little, many, not even enough to get by for one day. We feel we need to give more, of our resources and even ourselves.

In part, advertising does this to us. Notice how many appeals there are in December, even starting in November quite often, reminding us how so very many around the globe have a daily struggle to even get a barely adequate meal once a day. The ads remind those of us in the West, and America in particular, just how “blessed” we are with our needs and wants met and then some. True, but we ALL have limits. Yes, every one of us have limits, those limits are not just financial, but also physical. My case for example, I am disabled, have chronic back pain and a shoulder rotten with arthritis. I am physically limited by this, so my physical contributions are not at all what they once were. Also, age gets in here as a limit. The older we get, the more difficult some things are for us to do, just plain old age, natural process folks, we can’t beat it no matter what the TV, radio, or magazine ads tell us about some “new”, “improved”, “medical miracle”, or the newest “wonder drug/med/vitamin,device, etc.” for only $19.95 plus shipping. Then, the financial limits come along. Before you give away your funds, make certain your own bills are all paid up and that you have a few coins left, just in case.

Now, IF, a very huge if at that, you are younger, in “perfect” health (whatever that is) AND you have, oh say, ten times the bank account/personal wealth of Bill Gates and you feel you need to do more, well  then, by ALL means yes, please DO so, now. Oh, and please, don’t cry too loudly nor pat yourself on the back so hard that you dislocate your shoulder. OK, that last was a bit sarcastic, but, well, that’s just me being me. Long time readers of this and the old blog know that I am quite sarcastic, even when making a genuine compliment even. Just my nature I suppose. I did mean that last with true sincerity if it helps any. If not, oh well.

Now, on to what really gets me the most pissed off. What I have near zero tolerance for is stupid. Mind you, stupid and ignorance are two very different things. Most of us, I’d say all, but some may object, are ignorant of some things. I am ignorant of quantum physics. Oh I have a very, very vague idea of what it is sort of about. Quantum physics deals with the very, very small, sub-atomic particles that make up larger things like protons, electron, neutrons, and atoms. Beyond that limited bit, I am in uncharted territory for me. I CAN, however, overcome my ignorance by reading books, like an introductory text on quantum physics or searching the interwebs and asking  questions of a physicist. See, ignorance CAN be done away with quite simply.

Stupid is an entirely different thing. Stupid is also hard to define. It is sort of like what a Supreme Court judge is said to have mentioned with regard to pornography. He said that while he could not define it, he knew it when he saw it. Well, for me, stupid is like that. I can give individual examples of stupid, but not a definition of it. For example, when a very devout religious person demands that I respect his/her religion, but fails to respect my personal belief/nonbelief. It is also very rude, but often, rude and stupid go hand-in-hand in this life. One might even paraphrase the movie Forrest Gump and say; stupid is as stupid does. True, and rude goes along for the ride.

Well, stupid is NOT the number one thing I detest. Close, but not quite THE worst. What really is the most detestable thing to me is racism. I absolutely detest any and all forms of racist behavior. This world is full of the vile, detestable crap of racism and I refuse to be the least bit polite in calling it the biggest goddamn excuse of a behavior ever. What, just because a person has a darker tan (skin color) that I do, that person is less human than me? Where did that bullshit come from? I refuse, absolutely refuse to buy into that vile bullshit. Since when did skin color determine humanity? When did skin color determine how smart a person might be? Another question, just who the hell “decided” to group different peoples into the various “races” we have today?  Excuse me for being a goddamn idiot, but in my opinion (and NO, it is not humble at all, screw that “humble opinion” shit) there is only ONE race; the human race. End of story.  Yes, I know, anthropologists will look at various skulls and tell us that one is of Caucasoid origin, another Asian, and so on. Well, fine, that is a scientific classification. Does it “define” who or what that person was in life? Of course not. How could it? Since when has anybody, and seriously I DO mean anybody, ever been able to look at any skull and tell you anything about who that person was or how smart he/she may have been? Yeah, exactly, never! Granted, any remain teeth may give clues to the diet that person had, but not a great much more. The skull cannot tell any of us what work that person did, nor what she/he held special in life. It is just a skull.

Look, we are all human beings. We occupy this one, relatively smallish planet in a very ordinary solar system at the far edge of a rather plain, ordinary galaxy.  To the best of our current information/knowledge bank, we are the ONLY planet with semi-intelligent life forms. In this solar system, the Earth is the ONLY planet fit for animal, and humans are animals, life to exist. Yes, we are fouling our own nest and we’d best stop and damn fast or we are all of us in for some very “interesting” times ahead.  don’t have the answers folks. Man alive, I sure as hell wish I did. Not for the fame and glory, that shit is meaningless to me, but just to prevent the children who were born since you began reading this rant to not suffer our devastation and abuse of this planet.

The vileness of racism MUST stop before we can really start to tackle the seriousness of global warming and the disastrous effects that will have for all life. I mean, really people, just how in bloody hell are we going to even start to solve this crap if we continue to “believe” that those with darker skin color (better tans) are dumber than rocks?  Oh sure thing there Sparky, that attitude is going to win all sorts of good friends and bring folks to your cause by the boat load. NOT!  Oh, and never ever forget, those folks who have the better tans KNOW that you feel superior to them. It isn’t what you say, it is how you act. In particular, how you act when those “darker” folks aren’t around you. Yeah, your words AND your actions DO have consequences. Think about it.

I have a partial list of the racist/ethnic conflicts that are current, today, December 2013. Yeah, just how far have we come now? Ready, here is my partial list, and yes, I include some ethnic conflicts as that is a form of racist behavior in my opinion. In Australia, the treatment of the Aborigines, the Maoris in New Zealand, in Myanmar(Burma) the Rohingya (take THAT Su Kyi), USA, Canada the First Nations/native Americans (yes even in 2013!),Thailand the Karen, most obviously in Israel, the Palestinians, but ALSO even against JEWSISH peoples from Ethiopia! (yes, they DO have nicer tans than the European Israelis) and even other Africans who are fleeing oppression in their native African countries. And, remember, this is ONLY a partial list!

Now I might get some flack for not including the Mexicans in the USA. Well, that IS another ethnic deal of discrimination. Sorry folks, Mexicans and Hispanic peoples are NOT a race. Same with Islam, Muslims are NOT a race. Islam is a religion. it is NOT and never has been a race. Holy crap, IF Islam is a race, then Catholics are a race. Jews like to think they are, but, again, Judaism is a religion. Are converts to Judaism suddenly, upon conversion now a member of a different race?  That would be something of a miracle in my view. Oh, by the way, I do NOT believe in miracles, so there, make what you will of it now.

I will not play the game of trying to say where the worst racism is, what country is worse than another. That, in my opinion, is a fools game. ANY racism is bad. Period, end of story. NO discussion needed. If any racist behavior is wrong, where it happens is not important. THAT it happens IS. Who does it is less a concern that the fact that it DID happen.

You can tell me I am fighting an uphill battle. Maybe so, but I don’t give a flying crap in hell. I detest racism and will never accept it in any form. I do not hate it. Hate, is too time consuming. I was taught that I should do whatever I do to the very best of my ability. Well, hate is such a vile negative that in my experience, those who do hate, get consumed by their own hatred. It takes time to do things right also, and I refuse to spend that much of the time I have left in this life on such a negative as hate. Hatred is for fools and worse. Now, I can and do detest racism to hell and gone. Detesting something does not need to consume one, even when done right. We all are able to do things correctly, the right way, and we are not consumed by those things. See, it CAN be done. But hate, on the other hand, is such a negative and so vile, it must rank right up there next to racism. maybe racism is a form of hatred, I don’t know, but it could be. Your opinions may vary.

Now, you may be asking, just what can I, as one ordinary person do about racism. Well, for one, you do not have to join in on it. You do not have to accept it. You can mention to family and friends that you think it is wrong. Now, do not go and put yourself in danger to do this. That will just  possibly end up with you being seriously injured or worse. Do not confront a gang of racists as they can be very dangerous when in groups. Yes, many tend to be bullies, and when in groups, bullies can be very dangerous.  There is no point in being a martyr.

You can post a blog entry, like this one. You can do more than you may think you can without putting yourself in any danger. How so? Simple, just treat ALL people the way you want to be treated. Do this every day, wherever you are.

I am a big fan of science, also of good science fiction. I enjoy reading about the possibility of space travel. Going to and living on some distant planet in some other galaxy. It IS possible even. No, not today of course, but, given the time and new technologies, it could be in distant future. But it will never happen unless and until we get past our damn foolish racist crap and our intra-religious crapola. Unless and until we stop killing each other for no real reason except being “different” whether skin color or religious belief/non-belief, we will never have any future among the stars. What would we do, take all that goddamn crapola with us? WHY?? That is NOT a future I want. The same goes with global warming as I said above. How in bloody damn hell can we solve a global problem if we continue the foolish racist crap that has been holding humanity down for so long? It does NOT have to be like this people. Correct me if I get this wrong, but wasn’t the old Roman Empire less racist than the USA of 2013? No, not towards the end of the empire, but in the years BCE. Wasn’t one of the emperors an African? Or at least of “mixed blood”? If I got this wrong, please, any history scholar/buff send me a correction and I WILL post it. Honest, I will. This is not to say life was swell back then. Just, we do not have to allow racism to exist today. It IS up to us, each and every one of us to put and end, a long overdue, final end to this vile scourge to humanity. Will we do it? Well, unless we try, all of us, really try, we’ll never know. Just think how nice this world could be without racism. Think of how many interesting people you could be friends with. As John Lennon sang; Imagine!

Until next time, please, please, just be good to each other. Treat ALL people the way you want to be treated.

Who knows, it just might change the world. Imagine that, being a part of a globe changing thing. Amazing to think about. Even more amazing to do. Just give it a try, for humanity. For the children and grandchildren. For us all. For you.

An apology

I need to add an apology. In my haste to post for the first time in way too long, I forgot to add my comments on the death of Nelson Mandela.
First, here is a link to a comment on his life that I found and it is, in my opinion, quite good.
Now my own comments, tribute to the man. Like many of you, I never got to see him in person, let alone actually meet him. I do not see him as any sort of savior and he himself said publicly, many times, that he was “no saint”. No, he was not a saint, he was a man. He was a man who lived his own life and grew in wisdom as he progressed through this life.
He was jailed as a terrorist. Well, yes, before his arrest and imprisonment on Robben Island, he had gone through military training. He returned to South Africa to engage in a guerilla war against the ruling government. Yes, he had decided that non-violent protest was not getting his people anywhere fast. Non-violence by the people was met with violent response by the government. He changed his tactics.
While he was in prison, he gained wisdom and after his release he became a man who wanted peace.
After his election as president, he could have embarked on violent retribution. No doubt many in the former government of South Africa and people around the world were waiting for that to happen. He fooled them. He set up, or had set up don’t give him ALL the credit, the Truth and Reconciliation Committees.
There are some who say his family and close friends profited from his position. No doubt they did. That is for others to decide, I have no knowledge of that and it is not my concern. There is more than enough obscene profiting from zero real work here in the US of A that is more of my concern.
He was a man, with his own strengths and weaknesses. Like all of us, he was human, not a saint nor a savior. We need to be careful in putting our heroes on too high a pedestal. The higher we raise them up, the further they have to fall at some future time, after more is known about them and their lives, when the secrets are finally told.
One thing he has been criticized for, and I tend to agree, he didn’t seem to do enough to eliminate the extreme poverty and the huge, larger than in the US, gap between the very rich and the poor and working classes in South Africa. Of course that seems easy for me to say, here in the US, thousands of miles from South Africa and never having ever been to that nation. Yes, everybody can be a critic.
Nelson Mandela was a human being, he was a hero and symbol to many around the world. He will be missed, and yes, we could do with a few more leaders like him.
Thank you all for your time in reading this.
Please be good to each other. We’re all in the same boat together you know. One planet, one people.