Yes, I am still among the living. Some may have begun to wonder as it has been far too long a gap since my last post. I offer no excuse for this lapse.
We have all seen the idiocy, arrogance, and hubris of what passes for our “leadership” of the United States of America in these last few years, beginning with W. Shrub and his side kick, Mr. 5 Deferments Cheney. Now with our wondrous (ig)Nobel Piece Prizident, the drone king, we seem to have delved even deeper into said hubris, arrogance, and utter stupidity. Yes, I am talking about the newest “adventure” in Ukraine.
I just recently read the latest “Anti-Empire Report” by William Blum. If you do not subscribe to this monthly publication, I urge you to do so. It is free and comes direct to your email about the first of each month. You can just go to his web site to read the latest and sign up for the newsletter. His site is at; . I am sure you will be glad you went to his site and signed up for his monthly report.
This month, he focused mainly on the mess in Ukraine. What has got me all worked up over this is not just that it is the latest in a very long line of damn fool needless meddling by the US/EU/NATO, but the absolute stupid arrogance of both the drone king and his Secretary of State, John Kerry. Kerry cautioned President Putin that one does NOT, in the 21st century act like it is the 19th century and invade another country based on completely trumped up pre-text! Amazing! Absolutely amazing the utter arrogance of this damn fool. Does Kerry never look into a mirror before he utters such moronic statements? How in hell can he utter such absolute nonsense with a straight face? Is he really that dense? Is he actually brain dead and what we see is just a robotic shell operated by some off stage person, like the way we drone people to death, by remote control? This very same John Kerry, while a US Senator voted FOR the invasion of Iraq that Shrub and Cheney “needed” to “get even for 9/11” among other lies they fed the world before and after that unlawful invasion. How can he, with a straight face and apparently not a shed of shame, make such a statement?
That Kerry, Obama, and many members of both houses of congress actually appear to believe this total horse crap is beyond my ability to comprehend. They have taken hubris, arrogance, and stupidity to levels unseen in all of human history up until now.
And these are the people we, the common citizens of America are supposed to look up to, to rely upon, to listen to as if they are looking out for our best interests?
I seriously think we need a new word or words to describe the absolute arrogance of these fools. They have gone so far beyond anybody ever with their arrogance that the word seems to just barely scratch the surface of their arrogance. Is it a new “super arrogance”? It sure seems like they have hit levels of arrogance/hubris unseen ever before. Yes, I am sure we need a new word to describe their attitude. They surely have zero respect for the common peoples of this world. They must think we are all incredibly stupid and/or dense and do not remember events of just a few short years ago. Have we all really forgotten Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen. Somalia, Pakistan, Mali, Sudan/South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many others? Of course the majority, if not all of them, were utter failures and we all know that the clowns in D.C do tend to forget their failures even before they are finished. Well, some of us common people DO remember, some of us actually DO read the news, and not just the idiot US “main stream” media either. Some of us DO seek the truth even if it does mean digging through the internet. We have found reliable web sites that do report the truth and we remember them and visit them often. Not all of us have ADD or whatever the current pop psychology term for short attention span is today.
While so far, no US troops nor aircraft have seen operation in Ukraine, we do not know just who those snipers were/are yet though, one has to wonder how long before “we” have the proverbial “boots on the ground” in Ukraine. How long before the drone king “decides” he has an urge to drone some poor fool in Ukraine?
Any way, this latest mess “we” are getting way too deep into has gone and done it. I am now actually ashamed to call myself an American citizen. Yes, this old working class guy, born and raised in America, who served honorably in the US Marine Corps and did a tour in Vietnam, is now to the point of actually feeling ashamed of my(??) country and my being part of it. To be totally honest, I never, ever thought I’d ever feel this way. This is, for me, the lowest of lows, and one I never imagined I’d get to. Yes, there have been times when I felt like this before, but those were temporary and I had some small measure of hope that maybe this time, the leadership had finally learned the lessons it needs so much to learn, still. This mess is nearly like the old proverbial straw that broke the back of that old camel. Maybe this will pass, but IF so, it will be some long time coming for sure. For me, this is very much like a bridge too far.
In conclusion, all I can do is say “thanks loads” to the drone king, his administration, both houses of congress, and of course the US media, electronic and print. If ever I get the opportunity to repay you all for this, well, you may not enjoy it.
Until next time, please, try to be good to each other.