Random thoughts and a few things that really bug me.

This post is just some odd, off the wall things I have been thinking about. They probably will not even interest anybody, but since this is my blog, I can post whatever I wish to post. No, I don’t mean to sound arrogant here, just stating facts. OK, that out of the way, on to the main topics or whatever comes next.

I read an interesting article some months back and it got me to thinking. No, no links, sorry, I didn’t see it as that important. Actually. even if I were to link to that article you may not quite see any connection. I basically took what that writer had said, went off on my own tangent and ran with it. Well, OK, I didn’t actually run, not physically. Bad back, chronic back pain and a very arthritic left knee rules that right out. Mentally, I did run off along my own tangent. The article got my mind, what little there is of it, to wonder about things. His article was sort of trying to figure out just why the drone king, our (ig) Nobel piece Prizident was awarded that Noble Peace Prize. After all, just what had he done since his election win back in November of 2008? Actually, not very much at all. From what very little I do know about this prize, and the article, it is patently obvious that he was nominated for this prize before the election took place. There is a lead time between being nominated for it and when they announce the winner. OK, he must have been put up for the bloody thing before he took office in January 2009, that seems to be a given. Now the author basically made the case that being the first Black man to get elected as president of the US of A must be why he won the award. OK, says I, but (yes, once again, always some but getting in there) that was not his doing alone. Nope, think about it a second. Do the politicians win elections just because they run? Do they get elected all on their own? NO. They get elected because a majority of those who cast votes, voted for him. Or that is how we are told elections, in the US of A in particular work, or are supposed to work. I am not going to even go near how the US elections seem to be fixed more than any WWE rasslin’ matches that Vince McMahon puts on the TV. Now, since elections depend, or should depend on getting a majority of the votes cast, then in my own opinion, the people who voted FOR the drone king should have collectively been awarded the Peace Prize. THEY are why he won the election. Without a majority of the votes cast in the 2008 presidential election, the drone king would not have been our current piece prizident. I’d say the Nobel gang messed up, big time. The voters who cast ballots for Obama should have won that prize. THEY elected a Black man, THEY did the supposed “unthinkable”, THEY deserve that prize, not him, he just ran for the office, THEY elected him and THEY deserve the prize. Oh, that prize money would have been really divided to the point of maybe they’d each be able to buy a candy bar with their winnings, but, they deserve the prize in my opinion. Obviously, yours may/will vary. Hey, it is just my opinion, I do not state it as anything else and never claim my opinions are facts.

Something else that really does bother me pertains to most every nature show on TV. Watch any nature program on any channel, PBS, Nat Geo, BBCA, Animal Planet, any of them it doesn’t matter. Every bloody damn time they show, for example, a tiger make a kill on a deer, they always play some stupid, soft, sweet, sad violin music in the background. I want to start a campaign to stop this shit. It is disgusting to me. What the hell is so “sad” about life in the raw? They show raw nature and then drop some damn fool sentimental soft semi-human crap on top of it. I find it distracting and beyond disgusting. Enough already. Come on damn it. That is how ALL life works on this planet and I’ll bet it is the same anywhere in the entire universe where life exists. As Joe Campbell said in one of the programs PBS did with him back many years ago; life feeds on life. In order for one life to go on, another life must die. Everything we humans eat had to die so we could eat it. Oh, and you self righteous vegans and vegetarians out there, this applies to YOU also. Those plants you eat instead of any meat, eggs, or fish were alive until YOU picked them from the ground or off a tree. When you did that, YOU killed them! So, get off your goddamn high horses as well. Life feeds on life, that IS how this world works and we do NOT need any damn stupid sad violin music to make us feel sad that the little deer will die so the tiger can live and feed her young. Holy shit, are the people who do this vile crap to great photography/cinematography so squeamish that they feel they must add that crapola of sad violin music? I really do think it ruins the program and we need to demand it stop. This afternoon, there was a program on Orcas on Nat Geo and they did NOT add any “sweet, sad” violin music to it and man, it was GREAT. Just life, nature as it IS, no extra added BS of sad music to ruin what real life actually is. Bravo to those people for keeping to the truth.

For those of you who still watch the occasional US TV networks/cable/satellite channels, have you become sick of how bloody STUPID nearly  90% of every commercial have become?  Some companies have a very long history of running stupid commercials in my opinion. As there is ZERO creativity in either movies or TV in the US recently, actually for the last two decades (my opinion), it has become a real “monkey see, monkey do” with stupid TV commercials. Question? Why does one need an apron to sell car insurance? I’ll let that crap company go without any further comment, I could go on for days about them. In the last year, other car insurance companies have taken to the same “let’s be stupid” route. Disgusting and sick. My way of dealing with them, I refuse to buy any product that uses stupidity in their commercials. I remember reading a book about advertizing back in 1972. The author had worked in advertizing for many years and it was quite interesting. He said the main goal of ALL advertizing in not to get you to buy the product, but to remember the name of the company/product. Yep, even if all the ad does is get you(me) pissed off, the ad did its job because I do remember the company that runs those stupid ads. So, even though I will never do business with that company and will laugh if they go broke, the ad did its job, I know the name of the company.

Be that as it may, I still find it sick that stupidity in TV ads in particular are becoming the absolute norm. Yes, I know, advertizing goes through phases and in time, they will move on to a new trend. Oh crap, just had a thought, when they go off on some new trend, it could actually be even worse! Well, that thought IS on me, I have said many times to hundreds of people (I also believe it to be true) no matter how bad things are now, they CAN always get worse. What could be worse than the current crop of stupid ads? I haven’t a clue, but I am not looking forward to even worse than is currently running all day every day on US TV. Yes, easy way out there sparky, quit watching the damn TV.  It is an option, but it won’t stop the stupid ads. Maybe nothing can do that.

Well, that’s all folks. Short and not so sweet.

Until next time, be good to each other.

How much is enough?

Greetings to all. Yes, it has been a long time since the last post here. I offer no excuses, just say I’ve been lazy, distracted, whatever.

For some time now, I have been curious about one particular thing. We all are aware that the top 1%, this includes of course the “too big to jail” gangsters, Wally Street and the City of London international banksters, and of course the multinational corporations along with the very rich individuals, for example, the vile Koch boys.

This gang of over rich, near obscenely wealthy critters want everything. Now by this i DO mean absolutely everything, period, without end. I say this because as I kept thinking about their seemingly unlimited greed, this question came to me; how much is “enough”?  I have asked various people I email on a regular basis, those who have web sites/blogs where I often comment, and authors of articles that usually get a reply from me. I have asked them the following; IF these critters obtained their presumed goal of ruling this entire planet, would THAT be enough for them?  So far, and this has not been an extensive survey, nor has it been in any way a “scientific” one. Hey, I am just an old, physically disabled former machinist with only a two year Associates degree and also a former U.S. Marine, Vietnam war vet. I hold no advanced degrees in any subject, but I do have 66 years on this planet to go by.

The consensus so far is that even IF these critters were to obtain total control/rule over the entire globe, that would NOT be even close to having enough. On one hand, this strikes me as nearly impossible. After all, IF one has everything there is to have, how could one possibly still want even more? Seems to be an impossibility, no? Well, my survey has shown so far that I am not alone in thinking that there is absolutely nothing that will ever be “enough” for these extremely greedy critters. Notice I use the term critters to describe them. This is done for the simple reason that, in my opinion, the excess greed exhibited by them makes them something other than human or even animal. I am NOT saying they are sub-human or, perish the thought, above human or “advanced” or any positive description. I do not even think calling them critters is degrading, they may disagree, big deal, as if I care what they like or don’t like. Why should I? They do not give the rest of us, the working class and poor people any thoughts unless to call us unproductive, radicals (for demanding human and civil rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution), or, recently, useless eaters. I use the term critters since I cannot find an appropriate term in biology for them. Critter is a somewhat open term in this instance and to me, it fits them quite well.

Let me ask any readers to try and answer the question. Participation is totally voluntary. If you have been asked by email you do not need to reply, but it is OK by me if you do. All replies will be posted, honest. I really am very curious about what others think about this. Again, I have no idea what I will do with the results, even if I were swamped with thousands of replies, what could be done with them? Any bets that any form of media in the U.S. would care? Oh, please, I don’t need that sort of laugh today, thanks any who. I doubt if anybody would have much interest in the results, except those who do reply, they may be curious as well. That makes sense, if you take the time to reply to my question, no doubt you might be curious as to the replies of others. Again, so far, all replies have tended to agree that for these critter, NOTHING, no amount even IF the owned EVERYTHING, would ever even be close to being “enough”.

Sad isn’t that? Seriously sad. One the one hand, very sad for those of us who are not among that super rich gang. In more ways than one in fact. It means, that at best, at the very best, all we commoners can ever even hope for is some barely sustainable slave wage job at some mindless, boring as hell, dead end job with as few IF any benefits as possible and no future for advancement or even the basic joy from doing your job to the best of your ability. Oh, and do not even dream of getting any positive comments from management for doing your crummy job well, that is to be expected damn it! Work hard or die will be the corporate motto, if it isn’t already.

And then, and please do not ask me why, I find myself almost, notice I did say almost, feeling a tiny bit of compassion for these very same greedy critters. How so, you may ask? How in hell can this guy or any decent human being (assuming that I am a decent human being of course, some may disagree on that) have any feelings of compassion for such greedy, never, ever satisfied critters? Well, you could, I suppose, blame that on how I was brought up. For the record, I refuse to hate. I do not hate anything or anybody. Now, I DO very much so in some cases, despise some people, it is usually a person/human like critter, to hell and gone. A prime example, well, two in fact are, Ollie North and Mr. 5 Deferments Cheney. Those two I totally despise and they can never get off my own personal shit list. It takes some doing to get on that list, getting off is quite hard, but it can be done. While I cannot give an example of any who have managed to get removed from that list of mine, I will say that it IS possible, just not easy. Well, I did state that it takes a good bit of effort to get on the list, so it stands to reason, well, my reasoning, that it will take effort to get off the list.

OK, back to where I went off on a tangent. Yes, to a very tiny extent I DO almost sort of feel a very, very tiny bit of compassion for these overly greedy critters. Again, why? Well, because to me, it is so damn sad. Sad that they can never be satisfied, no matter how much stuff they own/possess/have/hold/control. Now, that alone is a huge part of their problem, stuff, no matter how much you get of it, cannot, will not ever make a human really happy. Ask yourself, what makes you happy? You personally, what do YOU define as being happy? I’ll bet a great deal of your personal happiness has more to do with family, husband, wife, kids, grand kids, sisters, brothers, etc. than stuff. Human interactions, human relations, relationships are more likely to define real happiness for you and most every other human being on this planet and, I’ll bet any other intelligent beings on any other planet in this galaxy or the entire universe. Of course I have no way to know this for a fact, I’ve never met nor communicated with any critter, intelligent or otherwise, from some other planet or galaxy. Some may think my posts come from some such area, but I do think I generate them in my own mind. IF I am being controlled by some off-planet critters, well, they should have used somebody much smarter than me for sure.

I sort of almost feel a tiny bit of compassion for these greedy critters because they have been failed. Yes, I know, I usually rant on and on about personal responsibility. Well, that is still true, but, think about where most of your personal values came from. Bets that the majority of you will say from your parents. Sure, most of us tossed off a good bit of our early “training” and went our own ways, but, our parents did make a huge impression on all of us. The parents of these greedy critters didn’t give them much in the way of what most of us would call decent human values. Simple things like treating ALL others as we want to be treated.  Back to those Koch boys, they, like so many of these greedy critters, inherited their wealth. They never had to work hard, sweat and actually earn their wealth. Nope, daddy did that for them, or, in other cases, grandpa did it. Well, daddy/grandpa screwed up, big time. They should have taught their offspring something about human compassion, doing unto others and such. Yes, the parents of these critters failed them. My Dad was and still is my first hero. Yes, he has been dead since 1980, still, without the way he taught me, I’d not be the person I have become. He laid the ground floor for me to build on and for that I thank him. The greedy critters never got that type of education, and for that alone, I almost, kind of feel the very tiniest bit of near compassion for them. And yet, THEY are still responsible for their actions and words. So, the best I’m willing to give is an almost, sort of very, very tiny bit of compassion.

As an example, just because you had a parent who was an alcoholic does NOT mean you must be one also. Well, the same applies to being greedy. Just because daddy/grandpa was a greedy rat bastard does NOT mean these critters have to be the same.

I conclude, so far, that nothing, ever, will make these greedy critters say “enough”. IF they had it ALL on this planet, they’d still want even more. Of course they’d have to part with some of their vast wealth to finance a ship to get to another planet where they could begin their plunder again to feed their greed. Yes, just like the snake eating its own tail, these greedy critters can never, ever say “enough”. 

Thank you all for your time reading this rant. As I said above, I will post any and all replies to this; Will the greedy 1% ever get enough? I am very curious about what others think about this.

Until next time, stay safe.