My comments on the July “Anti-Empire Report”

I should apologize for taking so long since the last posting here. Well, I offer no excuses. Just put it down to old age (I am 66), chronic pain (going to deal with that until my last breath and have been for almost 25 years now), or just plain me being lazy or there being so much that has got me riled, pissed off, outraged, etc. that it isn’t easy to pick just what to post about.
Well, the problem is solved, for today any way. No promises as to how long until the next post. I try not to make promises very often and try to only promise what I know I will be able to follow through on.

This is basically going to be my reply to the “Anti-Empire Report” for July 2014. This is a monthly newsletter put out by the very generous and highly informed Mr. William Blum. If you do not subscribe to this FREE monthly report, I urge you to do so, NOW. I have been getting the insights of Mr. Blum for quite a few years now and always learn much from every report. His web site is;
Again, this is a FREE monthly report and I think it is one of the best available. He has also been very kind to me and replies to my emails to him, as I am certain he does to all who contact him. He has also authored a few very good books. Among his more well known books are; “Killing Hope”, “Rogue State”, “Freeing the World to Death”, West-Bloc Dissident”, and “America;s Deadliest Export Democracy”.

The first part of this months’ report starts with this; “What would a psychiatrist call this? Delusions of grandeur”?
My comment to him on that is the following.
Holy crap! These “people” are absolutely delusional and then some. Talk about arrogance? Who the bloody hell do they think they are? NO nation is indispensable, never was, never will be. If ‘Merikkka doesn’t lead who will? Who cares? Some nation will assume a leadership role IF such is needed. One thing is perfectly clear to me, a former US Marine, Vietnam war vet, now retired by age and physical disability, it is this; ‘Merikkka has done a really shit job of “leadership” since 1945. Every damn war this country has been in since 1945 has been a war of choice. Not one of those damn fool wars were needed. They did NOT need to be fought by US troops in any way, shape, or form. This country was in those wars because there was obscene profits to be made by the already very wealthy, greedy rat bastard banksters and the various multinational corporations. Read “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler. {note; READ that booklet, please read it now} Ho told how even the maker of socks and underwear reaps huge profits from war. The troops need socks and underwear and other various non-weapon items most modern humans need for daily use and life.
I have a solution for every war from now on. have a national election either for or against war. ALL those 18 to 80 who vote for war will be given a uniform, weapon, basic training, and then sent to the front lines of the war THEY voted for. this WILL include every member of the gummint, no matter what position they hold AND their entire families. You want some damn fool war, YOU go fight the bloody goddamn thing! ENOUGH! Oh, and tax the living shit out of any profits made by those who supply ANY items to the troops. {I should have omitted all “care” packages sent by family or friends. those would not be taxed, juts as long as correct postage was paid before sending them.} Let those Wally Streeters fight and die and those who vote against war can stay home and live decent lives without the traumas war dumps on all who are involved in war. I bet the whole damn farm that there would be far fewer wars then.
One final note regarding General Butler and his booklet, he also said there are ONLY two reasons for war; 1) to defend OUR homes, and 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. ALL other excuses for war are a racket. That was in 1933 and he is still 100% correct today and will be until we humans get our collective heads OUT of our collective hind ends and take ALL profits OUT of war, forever.

The second item of the July report was titled; “The question is not what pacifism has achieved throughout history, but what has war achieved?”
My comment to that is as follows.
Regards Japan, how can the US of A claim to be a force FOR peace when ours (is it really?) country has finally pushed this vile Abe to modify his national Constitution to allow for the armed forces of Japan to go to war again?
They had a wonderful, peace loving Constitution and were damned proud of it. Yes, it had been imposed onto them, but they realized how nice it was, in time. They did maintain a defense force as every nation has a right to do, but they did not go off in search of various “monsters to destroy” as (not so very) old US of A has been doing ever since 1945. How very sick and disgusting it is to listen to these vile, sanctimonious US politicians and pundits say how “good” it is for Japan to get “with the times” and assorted like comments. To me, those comments just show how out of touch with reality the “leaders” of the US of A have become. Their absolute arrogance, delusion, and hubris WILL bring the entire country down, and it will be a very hard fall. But, these vile creatures who “rule” over us commoners do NOT give a flying crap in hell about humanity. They are greedy for more, more, and ever more, be it money, power, or anything else. They are never satisfied and will never say they now have enough. IF they had total control of the entire planet, it would NOT be enough for them. They are absolutely sick and beyond despicable in my (not very humble at all)opinion. They disgust me to no end. Vile and worse than useless. Some country they have for us now, the (ig)Nobel piece Prizident has a kill list and there ARE American citizens on that list. He has made this known publicly and he brags on how he and his staff meet once a week to “decide” who on that list will be droned to death in the coming week. And this is a “democracy”? Bullshit! It is not even a Constitutional Republic any longer.
We DO have a rule by fiat, a dictatorship in all but name. This is as bad, if not worse, that those third rate old two-bit dictators this country used to and still does prop up in various third world countries across the globe.
We, (not so very) old ‘Merikkka lead the entire globe in producing and selling to any and all for cash, weapons and weapon systems. We, the US of A export war, death, and destruction. War without end seems to be the main goal of what passes for “leadership” in 21st century ‘Merikkka. How very, very goddamn sad that is. This country had such great promise. It was never perfect and never will be, BUT, for a time it did seem this nation was on the road to making ours a nation that would be better than all other forms of government. Once upon a time, there WAS a nation, it was called the United States of America, it HAD such great promise. Somewhere along the way, around 1945-46, it lost its way and has been going further OFF track ever since.
If only this country, ‘Merikkka, did NOT have so many vile nuclear weapons.
Imagine, for a few moments, IF the US of A had, after the mass slaughter of WW1 and WW2 had reworked our own Constitution to renounce ALL wars of aggression. Imagine we had NOT created and joined, to lead(but of course- ‘Merikkkan “leadership” was “needed”) NATO and other vile entangling alliances. WE could have had a peace Constitution, just like Japan.
Yes, we’d have the Coast Guard, who do a very useful job and real national defense force, for OUR protection and NOT over 1,000 military bases around the globe. What a wonderful world it could have been. All those damn fool, useless, idiotic wars of choice with the death, sufferings, and disaster upon disaster would NOT have happened. Oh what a beautiful dream that is. Yeah, at 66, disabled and in constant chronic pain, I suppose one might say my mind has been softened or made into Swiss cheese by all the pain meds I have taken and still need to take and what passes for thinking by me is not worth the bother, but still, just imagine, for a few short moments.
We did NOT have to get into those damn wars. Those deaths, sufferings, and other fallout from any war would not have happened. IF the US of A had renounced wars of aggression, I bet the populations of many other nations would have demanded the same from their leaders. Just think of all the good for ALL humanity. ALL life on this planet that could have been done since 1946. It is almost too much to even begin to comprehend isn’t it? Well, an old man, me, can still dream. Far as I am aware, dreaming is still legal in the US of A, regardless of what any damn politician, the NSA, CIA, FBI, or any other alphabet soup gang may say. If they object to my dream, they know where I live, let them come and silence me. I dare them to try.

The next item on the July report starts; “Yankee Blowback” and deals with immigrant children crossing the US border illegally.
My comments follow;
Ah yes, the immigration “debate” in congress. This country was built BY immigrants. Every human living or who ever lived in the Americas was an immigrant. Yes, even the Native Americans, First Nations, or any other name used for the indigenous people who were here when the idiot Europeans stumbled onto the shores in the Caribbean (or even Canada) had ALL come from elsewhere, mostly Asia via the land bridge along the Bearing Straight during/after the last ice age. I had this recurring thought for decades; suppose that Columbus had been met by the natives of that first island he and his crew landed on, the natives would have had superior firepower to anything those Europeans possessed and DEMANDED to see his entry visa or his tourist visa, or any such legal papers.
Failing to produce such documents, he’d have been granted a short stay to replenish their supply of fresh water and foods, then told they had to go home. If he and his crew tried to stay and take over, they and their ships would have been shot full of holes from twin and/or quad .50 cal machine gun fire. THAT would have been such a great thing had it been possible. But, those poor, foolish Caribbeans were a kind and peaceful peoples. They welcomed those dirty, as in not bathing regularly, Europeans as guests. Some “guests” they turned out to be eh?
Now, some 500+ years later, the descendents of those Europeans and some African immigrants (forced here as slaves) are still trying their level best to kill and/or subjugate those same native peoples and their descendents. Not much has changed except for the weapons and means of death and destruction have become more lethal and more vile. The mind set of said Europeans towards the natives is not one tiny bit better nor even a fraction of a millimeter more humane. We in the US of A treat our house pets better that “we” treat many of our fellow human beings. When, oh when, will “we” ever learn? Will “we” ever learn to be truly human, humane towards our fellow human beings? Just look to Central America, South America, most of Africa, and Palestine and other countries in the middle East for the answer, it appears to be a very, very big NO!.

The last part of the July report is titled; “M’lady Hillary”.
My comments follow;
One final (I promise, honest) comment. When Hi-Larry made her; “we came, we saw, he died” she cackled, and it was damn close to an absolute insane cackle at that. She, IF she is really a she, is a vile, sick, sadistic war monger who is in politics for the money and power.
She is as greedy as any Wally Street bankster or any other sick rat bastard multinational corporation to whom she long ago sold out to.
My late wife said back when they were running for the first time for president that it was NOT a marriage, but a merger and once the two of them, Bill and Hi-Larry had gone as far as they could in politics, they’d get a divorce so fast, it would make our heads spin.
Well, I think those two deserve each other, a nice mix of amoral and war lover, both greedy beyond the comprehension of the average human being regardless of the persons’ educational level, school wise. Yes, I did vote for him back in 92 or whenever it was they ran that first time. Hey, it was my generation having a shot at running the show, why not? Within six months I wrote and told them I was absolutely, beyond redemption, disgusted with them both AND their entire administration. The sneaky, backroom deal on “health care” was the straw that was all I could allow without voicing my views. How does a “first lady” have the power to “chair” such a committee? Where in the Constitution is that ever stated? How could that shit have been legal by the US justice system? Sick, sneaky, backroom, dirty deals, done with the highest possible pay off to them, in cash of course, unmarked bills, if you don’t mind.

That is the end of this post. Assuming you, dear reader have managed to last this long, I thank you very much for your time.
Yeah, the old guy doesn’t post very often, but when he does…
I hope I did not overload anybody.
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