US of A “exceptionalism”

By now, 22 August, 2014, I am certain that very few people alive in the world today have not heard the US of A described as an “exceptional” country. It has also self-described as “indispensable”.  The very few who have not heard these terms to describe the US of A either are very young and have not had any access to any sort of media, print, or electronic. Also, these very young may not be old enough to have acquired language skills yet. One other possible reason that a human being alive today has not heard these terms is they have little to no access to any media and live in some remote place that has not (yet, but wait, your turn will be coming) been the object of attention from the US of A.

Well folks, I am here today to tell you that I am 100% certain that this bullshit must stop, NOW. Yes, I did call these terms bullshit. I am certain that it IS pure bullshit to describe ANY country in either of those terms.

How so you may say. Just read any good history book for proof. How many countries and empires have risen and then fallen in recorded human history? No, I do not have a count, but I can give a few examples from memory. We had the Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire the Holy Roman Empire, and of course the British Empire. They all rose to a high point then fell. Well, the US Empire is now in decline and in my opinion, it cannot decline fast enough. Before you say the US of A is not an empire, ask yourself then why is it that “we” have over 1,000 military bases in nearly every country of the world. What does a “democracy”(which the US of A never has been) need with all those bases in foreign countries?  Once upon a time, the US of A was a Constitutional Republic, or so we were taught in high school civics class, I was, but that was back in 1965-66, yeah, ages ago.

Why does a “Constitutional Republic” need all those military bases across the globe? Well, it does not need them. An empire does however. That is what empires do, how they operate, just read a good history book. Yeah, I know, books, reading them even. OK, do an internet search then. The information on the history of empires is out there, free for the asking, check it out. Then, remember what an administration aide told a US reporter during the reign of W. Shrub. To paraphrase; he said about the US of A; “we’re an empire now, we make our own reality”. Yeah, some senior aide to president W. Shrub admitted that the US of A IS and empire.

Look up what Madeline Albright said about the 500,000 Iraqi children who died as a result of the sanctions put on Iraq by the Clinton presidency. She said, on national TV that those deaths were “worth it”.  Yes, a senior member of that administration thought that half a million dead children was “worth it”! And yet senior gummint officials have the goddamn balls to still talk about the US of A as “exceptional”? Oh hell yes, the US of A IS “exceptional” for sure. Exceptional in its absolute arrogance, hubris, and lying bullshitting of any who are foolish enough to buy the bullshit they spew on us. Exceptional? The US of A? My dead ass! NO nation has ever been, nor ever will be “exceptional” or “indispensable” until every country stops the damn fool, idiotic wars of choice and begins to treat ALL people as they want to be treated. When ALL nations learn to live in peace with other people, then and only then will there be real, lasting peace on this planet.

Until next time, be nice to each other. Try, really try to treat all people the way you want to be treated. It will make a difference, honest, it will.


Hi-Larry shows her colors and most likely IS running for president in 2016.

OK, I know, the article was posted at the “Atlantic” web site on 10 August. I even had it saved as one to read. Well, I finally got around to it today. Yeah, I know eleven days late. Does that old saying, “better late than never” cover me here? No, I am not looking for an excuse, just asking a question, of myself mostly.

This Hi-Larry critter is something else folks. Her comments on the current massacre in Gaza are amazing. Is this Hi-Larry critter really human? Seriously, she comes across to me as a totally uncaring thing. She has no compassion at all for the people of Gaza. Of course, she “sees” this latest shit storm as totally the fault of Hamas. Well sure, when you are completely owned by AIPAC and the zionist entity, you “know” without even the slightest of slight doubt that the entity is NEVER to be blamed for any nasty stuff, ever. Why, to do so would be “anti-Semitic” or if one is Jewish, to be labeled a “self hating Jew”.  Yes sir, that AIPAC and the zionist entity’s Hasbara clowns sure have got the US mainstream media under control.

It used to be said that congress was “AIPAC/zionist entity occupied territory”. Well folks, that was then. Now, congress is a wholly OWNED AIPAC/zionist entity territory.  In my opinion, it is not a very big step from being an occupied territory to being a wholly owned territory.

If you have not read this article, actually it is an interview that Jeffrey Goldberg did with Hi-Larry Clintstone on 10 August, 2014. Here is the link;

Until next time, be nice to each other. The world WILL be a better place if we all treat everybody we meet each day the way we want to be treated.

My comments on Ferguson, Missouri

One reader of this blog asked my by email to comment on the mess in Ferguson, MO.

Wow, what to say about this sad mess? What can I possibly add that has not been said by now?

Well, my own opinion is all I have to add, for what it may or may not be worth.

First off, here is a link to an article at World Socialist Web Site that gives the results of the latest autopsy of Michael Brown

This article states that Mr. Brown was shot SIX times. The last two were head shots, with at least one a direct shot to the TOP of his head. that would NOT have been a survivable wound.

In short, his killing WAS an execution style killing.

OK, yes, it does state that Mr. Brown was six foot five inches tall (6′ 5″). He was NOT a small human being. OK, so what. He still WAS a human being AND he was NOT armed. From the fatal head wound, the two pathologists concluded that it was delivered as Mr. Brown was kneeling and not standing upright. In other words, he was being passive, as in surrendering to the police officer(s) when he was executed.

Now, think about that for a moment, at least. Where did this take place? Gaza? The West Bank? Syria? Iraq? Afghanistan? Yemen? Somalia? Mali? Libya? Some other country where the US/NATO has unleashed violent jihadi terrorists? Some ISIS fanatics? Maybe the old Taliban? Or was it the “dreaded” Al-Qaeda? Nope, none of those places at all. It took place in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, United States of America. Yep, right here, in the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”. The country where, once upon a time the US Constitution was the law of the land. A country where the Bill of Rights were respected by the majority.

Oh, but wait a minuet. Remember, dear reader, 9/11 “changed everything”. Yeah boy, it sure as hell DID. And while this was happening in Ferguson, MO. the politicians in D.C. keep telling us that the NSA snooping into our cell phone calls, emails, farcebook comments, tweets (for those who use twitter-I do not) and even our snail mail makes us all so much

“safer”. Well, I doubt that bullshit will fly very well in Ferguson, MO. today. To possibly put myself out on a limb, I’d go so far as to say that since the execution in Ferguson, MO. that line of craploa will NOT fly in many towns/cities/villages in the US of A today.

Why do the local police need a MRAP? What do they really need an APC for? Why are the local police looking more and more like some sort of military/Blackwater gang instead of police officers? Is there any real need for this?

The worst thing about the Ferguson killing is this; it is NOT the first time this sort of thing has happened in the US of A. I am not going to bring up the bad old days of the early civil rights marches in the US South. The main reason I won’t is, I did not live in the South at the time. I only knew what was in the news, no internet back then folks. I saw what was shown on the TV news and read the papers, but I did not see it first hand and am not in a position to comment seriously on that. Yes, I was in favor of equal civil rights for ALL citizens, then and now, and for the rest of my life.

What I DID live through were the Watts riots in Los Angeles. I was in school then and Dad’s house was about 45 miles East of LA. It WAS on all the local TV stations and every newspaper covered those riots. I also lived through the riots after the first trial after the Rodney King beating. My wife and I had a home in Ontario, California, about 60 miles East of LA.

This latest killing just shows me that as a country, we seemed to have learned nothing at all from our own recent past.

I know I rant on and on about how Americans tend to be very ignorant of world history and rant even more on how Americans are even ignorant of US history, but this not learning from our own nation’s recent past just takes the whole goddamn fucking cake. Just how fucking, goddamn STUPID are Americans? Will “we” as a nation ever finally learn the most basic of human values? Will this ever be a nation where the NORM is to treat ALL people the way you want to be treated?

It does NOT take any religion to get to that point. All it takes is for every single one of you, us, for ALL of us, to try our best to treat ALL our fellow human beings the same way we want to be treated. Trust me people, it is NOT hard to do at all. It WILL make this entire country a much, much better place for ALL of us.

So, what do you say? Are you willing to just give it a shot? Come on, TRY it. You just may enjoy doing so. Not only will you make another person feel good, it WILL make you feel so much better as well.

Until next time, come on people, TRY, really try and be nice to each other. We CAN make this world a better place for ALL of us, but not unless we TRY.

P.S. I need to add a late addition to this rant. The link here is to a very good, excellent article by Bill Quigley on the mess in Ferguson. It is the best I have read so far. It is a MUST read.

Another day, another rant

This has been building up for a few weeks now and it seems as good a time as any to let it out. Time to let go and just vent as it were.

I have recently become very disappointed, discouraged, whatever one might say upon finding out that a long trusted group/web site has all been something of a total lie.

Holy crap, you may be thinking, what got to this old sarcastic critter? Well, I have been a daily visitor, reader, and frequent commenter at a couple of web sites that seemed to be more or less in line with my own basic philosophy, anti-religious and very humanistic. What I finally realized maybe should not have been the shock it has been, but then, we all tend to over look, be blind, to some people, ideas, etc. that we allow to just slide past as aberrations. A comment, that seems out of place, but when viewed within the whole, just an odd one and not the “norm”. We tend to allow these “odd ball” moments to just slide by and say to ourselves, maybe this person was just having a “bad day” or some other reason to not make much of it. Well, I no doubt did that more than once for some former favorite sites, but recent comments, and no, not just an odd one or two, but the bulk of ALL comments, finally did it for me.

OK, here we go then. How can any human claim to be a humanist and yet deny the people of Gaza the absolute RIGHT to rebel against their oppressors? How can you be critical of certain practices of Judaism but never allow any critical comments regarding the zionist entity and its very nasty apartheid regime? How can you claim to be a humanist and do that, but at the same time, be very critical of EVERY aspect of Islam? In my opinion, yours may vary, that IS the true definition of a hypocrite.

Those who have been reading this blog and those who remember/read the old blog know, without any doubt, that there are a few things I have zero tolerance for. For those who are new to this site and those who have no idea of the old blog, what I have zero tolerance for are, racism, stupidity (stupid), and hypocrisy (hypocrites). I personally have no use at all for any religion, however, I respect the rights of ALL people to believe in or follow the religion of their choice. All I ask of ANY religious person is to not ever try and convert me to their religion. Live and let live. I do my best every day to treat ALL people I meet the way I want to be treated. I do not think I am asking too much to request the same of others. As I just said, live and let live. My unbelief is in no way doing harm to anybody at all. I think that religion/belief is a very personal thing and needs to stay so. I have little to no respect for any who wear their religion on their sleeve. You believe in a certain religion? Fine, good for you, now, leave me be, thank you.

I do not, nor would I ever want to, “convert” anybody to my own personal philosophy/belief system. Assuming what I claim to have even amounts to a philosophy or belief system. I am very comfortable in my own beliefs, so please, let me live MY life my way.

It just was, and still is, a huge let down to realize that a group that I had felt comfortable with for quite some time are not at all what they claim to be. While I did feel somewhat betrayed, I now know it was my own fault, there were signs, but, I ignored them of worse, let them slide by with some “excuse”. Well, as I said above, we all do this to some extent no doubt. After all, it IS true that people DO have “off days” now and then. I know for certain that when I am having a bad day, you do not want to try and engage me in any serious discussion. Not a good idea at all. When my pain is at 13 on a scale of 1 to 10, do NOT ask me a serious question that requires deep thought. You will likely come away with serious wounds. I am not a nice critter on those days. At least, now with the tens unit and the pain meds, those type days have become very, very few and quite far between.

I suppose I could try and be extra nice to those sites and the people there and allow that they, like the US congress are frightened of being critical of the zionist entity as they do not want to be called “anti-Semites”. Well, I suppose I “could” do that, but, I will NOT. I will not, not just because I am a nasty ass old critter (which I sometimes am), but because that term has been highjacked by the zionists and twisted beyond its real meaning.

The city library in Ontario, California, where I lived from April 1975 until May 2000 had a copy of the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language. It was on a table and was available for use by all library patrons. I looked up Semites in it one day. Semitic peoples include the Hebrews, of course, BUT Arabs are also Semites. So, a true “anti-Semite” would NOT just hate Jews, but Arabs as well. To call an Arab an “anti-Semite” is beyond a sick joke then. Yes, I know, the English language is a “living” language (as opposed to Latin which is a dead language) and it is constantly changing. Yes, that IS a given and I am A-OK with that fact. However, this highjacking of the term “anti-Semite” is part of what I have been calling the bastardization of our language for many years now.

I have sent emails to many people about this and many of them are way smarter, school/book wise than I’ll ever be. The vast majority have agreed with me, but then go on to state that it is too late now to change this. Sad, but true, it has become the “norm” and as it IS stock and trade for the “news” media in the US and beyond, there is no way it will change in my lifetime, if it ever does change much at all in some future.

Another comment I want to share was also from an anti-religion/pro-humanist web site. The site administrator ran a story on some protestant minister, who as he was about to be arrested by the police for molesting children, killed himself in his front yard (the cops had not yet put him in handcuffs) while his wife and children watched. This administrator was happy about this and stated that more pedophiles should do the same thing. Amazing. Unbelievable crap of the highest order, or so I think. I have no idea of what a proper punishment is for pedophiles and am very glad it is not up to me to make that decision. and yet, how can any sane, decent human being wish for a fellow human being, regardless of the crime he/she may have been guilty of, to kill him/her self in front of their own children? I asked him in my comment if HE would like to be one of those children who saw his dad kill himself while he watched? Does he not realize those children will carry that image for the rest of their lives? And this man claims to be a humanist?  How in hell can he claim to be a person of peace and pro humanity if this is how he reacts to a suicide while the man’s children watch him kill himself? I will never darken that web site or anything to do with it ever again. As I said many times before, I despise hypocrisy.

As to my disgust with certain web sites, I should have remembered a line from a Bob Dylan song; “Don’t follow leaders and watch the parking meters”. Yeah, be very careful who/what you do follow. Oh, and do not follow me, I have NO idea where the hell I am going. If you do follow me, you do so at your own risk. You can, if you dare rick it, follow this blog though. Your life, your choice.

until next time, please, just be nice to each other. It WILL make the world a better place for all of us.