And now….a few I failed to add to the last post

I came across a few other items that should have been on the last post where I shared some quotes and/or sayings I’d found over the years. And now, without further ado, here we go.

Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. Denis Diderot, 18th century French writer.
I like that one, but then I would.

This one I had posted on the lid of my toolbox when I worked at a company where we made radar systems and all the associated equipment for such systems.

My job is SO secret, even I don’t know what I am doing.

Works for most gummint types as well.

This was from my days at the University of Science, Music, and Culture. Also know as USMC, as in United States Marine Corps. See? We DID have a sense of humor, calling ourselves a university even.
here goes;

We the unwilling
Lead by the unknowing
Doing the impossible
For the ungrateful

We have done so much
For so long
With so little
We are now qualified
To do anything
With nothing.

another version had the last two lines as;
To to the impossible
With nothing.

Tommy, C Moore, Chief, Hat, and I figured the first version was better. We didn’t believe in impossibilities. Hey, we were just 18-21 year old young men, who just happened by then to be old beyond our years. War does strange things to the human psyche.
It also makes for some very, very dark humor, which I will NOT share on this blog nor anywhere else. I have no desire to “enjoy” a stay in the rubber room, thanks all the same folks.
I still think that humor IS situational. We knew that much of what we thought of as funny at that time, back in the states, would never ever be remotely funny in any way at all. And still, we did laugh at what we thought was funny at the time. Situational humor.

Until next time, assuming there will be one, PLEASE, be good to each other. Treat ALL people you meet the way you want to be treated. Just one small gesture, it may make the day for another. The world CAN be changed, all it takes is for each of us to do one small thing, like be nice to everybody we meet. Every big change had to start out small and then grow into something bigger. Give it a try, it just might work, but we’ll never know unless we try.
Stay safe.


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