Catching up…………sort of

I have been thinking of a new post and then started reading some of the articles I’d saved for later. Yes, it has been some time since the last post here. Why so long since the last one? Well, my reasons, if you want to be sarcastic/cynical call them my excuses, I don’t mind at all, my reasons are chronic pain and near total mental burn out. The chronic pain is not new, I recently passed the 25th anniversary of the injury that left me with this disability. Oh, but that mental burn out, that also is not really new, it has happened before on the old blog site. Any of you who follow world events closely know just how damn tiring it gets. You try and stay current with the moronic doings of the clowns in D. C. and man alive, you DO get to overload, quickly. When it all gets too much, we react, each of us in our own way. Hopefully not in a self-destructive manner, though I can see how it could drive one to despair. Well, having survived Vietnam and then the deaths of people very close to me, my Dad first, then our only child, and finally, my wife of 24 years, so I have been really down before and yet, I’m still here. Still going on. I even got remarried to a really wonderful lady and we are happy, even after 14 years, she still puts up with me.

When I get into information overload, I just quit reading so much. I still do check certain web sites every day, even though I do not read all the articles that I might normally. I save them, “for later” and now I am going to summarize some of what has been bugging me. No, this is not the post that I am still working towards. That one still needs a bit more thinking on.

I am sure those of you who do keep up with world events and have done so better than I have these past weeks know all of this, OK, this is just my take on some of them.

It seems that all of us in the (not so very) old US of A are supposed to be deathly afraid of ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, the Caliphate, or whatever the hell they are calling themselves this afternoon. Good grief, this gang seems to change its name more often than most of us change socks. Any who, this is supposedly a “spin off” (as in TV sitcoms?) of the long dreaded al-Qaeda supposedly the “brain child” of the supposedly now dead bin-Laden. Yep, the “original” bad guys that W. Shrub went to Afghanistan and Iraq to get. Funny that he and Mr. 5 deferments Cheney were unable to capture or kill him even though they had eight years to do so. Nope, it took our current “socialist” president, the (ig)Nobel piece Prizident to do that job. Yes, I DID put the term socialist in “scare” quotes, because the drone king, Obama is NOT anywhere near being any sort of a socialist. Old Richard Nixon was more left wing than the drone king ever was or will be. It IS true, look up which president signed the clean water act, the clean air act, and got the EPA going. Yep, old Nixon of Watergate infamy. So, just how is it that the drone king is any sort of “socialist”. He is such because the Reich wing of the elephant party say so, nothing more. The “tea party”, which is a total AstroTurf group, funded by the Reich wingers.  Oh yes, it bills itself as a true “grass roots” outfit, but it is no more real grass roots than I am the new pope. Funny as I do not, will not ever follow any organized religion and do not believe in any sort of doG, thanks any way.

Now as if this ISIS/ISIL/Caliphate isn’t frightening enough for you, we have the newest “bad guys” who make the vile ISIS/whatever they call themselves this afternoon look like a kindergarten. Yes, I do mean the dreaded, vile, repulsive Khorasan Group. These are the clowns who have sent videos to the net of beheadings and other assorted atrocities. Yes, yes, I know that al-Nusra was “credited” with the eating of human organs, but this Khorasan Group is supposed to be even worse, much worse, AND they are/were supposedly in the planning stages of  doing some terror attacks in Europe and even, wait for it…….the US of A itself.  Well, I suppose we are all to give thanks to the US military for bombing this Khorasan Group into dust then. For further information I recommend the article at the web site TomDispatch dated 7 October, 2014. Sorry for not giving the link, WordPress has been giving me fits about putting links into my posts recently and I have yet to solve this issue. I will try and get it resolved ASAP, but will not hold my breath. Worst case would involve a move back to blogger under a new name. That may be in the works as I post this. Stay tuned for further information regards any move.

Another things that pisses me off is US officials among others who continue to refer to our country as the “homeland”. Jeebus, back when they first came out with that new cabinet office, the Department of Homeland Security, I was pissed. We have never, ever called the United States of America the “homeland”. Good grief people, that sounds so much like Hitler and his Nazi gang calling Germany the “Fatherland” or even Stalin calling Russia/USSR the “Motherland”. In short, it does NOT sound like the America I grew up in. It was NOT part of high school civics, I am 100% certain of that. For the last 13 years, our country has been called the “homeland” by official Washington D.C. and the idiot media. Enough! Damn, this is America, the USA, not some god awful “homeland”. Hell, the Europeans who came here in 1492 and afterwards, just plain stole this land from the natives who had lived here for centuries before those Europeans “discovered” it. And even then, old Chris thought he had reached India, which is why to this day, in the US of A, the natives are still called Indians. At least Canada has the decency to call them the First Nations.

Homeland? It still sounds disgusting to me. And the next new terror gang is just sitting there, waiting for our military and or NSA/etc. to “discover”. Yeah, and I bet I know just where that next new “threatening” gang is. Just exactly where this Khorasan Group was before we common folks heard of them, in the imagination of some official in D.C./the “security” establishment. See, in my opinion, they need to keep us fearful. The need to invent new, more vile, dangerous terror gangs. Why? All the better that the masses are fearful, that way they willingly give up their civil rights for some “security”. Yes, we have sold our Bill of Rights for false “security”, or, if you like, for a pot of old porridge.  Tell me, did it taste good? Are you happy now? Be afraid, be very, very afraid. Of the “terrerists” of course. In truth, each of us living in the US of A have a much larger chance of being killed while driving/riding in a motor vehicle on our own roadways than we do of being killed by any terrorists. I’d be willing to bet that the chance of being struck by lightening is greater than that of being killed by a terrorist in the US of A. Now, in other countries, in particular any where the US military has invaded, then the chance of death by terrorist IS quite high. Pleas people, do NOT be fooled by those who are selling you some bullshit story about how there are terrorists sneaking across the Rio Grande looking to wreak havoc here in the US of A. It is highly unlikely that will happen any time in the near future, if at all. Unless………….unless it is a false flag attack.

Until next time, PLEASE, please do try and be good to each other. At times when people are being fed so much absolute bullshit, to keep them very fearful, we NEED all the kindness towards each other we can manage. So please, be good to each other. We can get through this shit. We just need to keep calm and treat each other with common courtesy. As the late, great Douglas Adams wrote in the “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy”, he said on the cover of that book were the following words; Don’t panic. Damn good advice for us all to remember.


2 thoughts on “Catching up…………sort of

  1. I agree that following the ‘world news’ is harder than ever these days Dave. Not only is it now crystal clear that, in the words of Martin Luther Kingm, Jr. – the real American Nobele Peace Prize Laureate – that ‘the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today’ is our own government, and that the American majority is going to do nothing to change that … but that everything, literally everything, in the ‘news’ now is literally a lie.

    But I read a string of comments at the Saker’s Latin-Ameridan site that countered the trend and educated me at the same time … they are from Benito J and start with this one …

    … the news is still horrible, but the insight shared by the writer … preumably an ordinary person ‘just like us’ … at least flies in the face of the wall-to-wall criminally complict lies of the MSM.

    And I learned a lot about Guerrero as well. In the same vein, thanks for your post as well.

    • Yes, it isn’t easy trying to keep up. I was going to stop following it all. Just cut it out totally and only read things fun or at least those I have some interest in. History for one. Well, what do they say about best laid plans? Yeah, it worked for about ten days, more or less. No, 10 is about correct. Then, the bug got me. I need to admit, I am a news junkie, I’m hooked and cannot just quit at least a few real news type sites.
      I have the Saker bookmarked. I don’t follow him closely though. I have eliminated some sites I used to follow daily and do not miss them. I try and find a balance of views. I cannot tolerate the far Reich wingers though. The only time I read anything they spew is from a link on a trusted site. Sort of for grins as it were. Also, to remind me why I find them so disgusting and sick. I also stay away from any “far” left sites, though there don’t seem too many of them. Opposing views, even those I disagree with are of interest. I don’t think I’d be able to follow any site that I always agree with 100%. That would be death by boredom to me. Hard to get me thinking if it is only to agree all the time, gets stagnant I think.
      I am going to keep a close hold on how much news I read each day and limit my time on it and try to enjoy more of this life as it winds down. Being past my sell by date has me looking to enjoy more of what is left. Also, the younger folks need to step up and run with this crap. They will be here after I am gone, so it is time for them to get on with it all.

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