Yes, I am still alive……..mostly

Yes, it has been a long time since my last post here. Oh well, my blog, my schedule.
Well, that was supposed to be funny or at least sarcastic. See, I have no schedule, not for posting there nor for much of anything else. Being retired allows me that option.

No doubt readers of this infrequent blog know by now that the vile creature John Bolton has crawled out from under whatever rock he’d been hiding under the last few years. He got space in the New York Times for an “op-ed” telling us how we “need” to bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran. Yes, I know, shade of old McCrazy in 2008 when he and failin’ Pailin ran for POTUS/VPOTUS. No doubt you will recall old McCrazy butchering the “Beach Boys” song turning it into “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”. Yeah, well, guess what folks? Those days are NOT gone and buried. Nope, crazy Bolton has brought that crapola back onto the very pages of the “Newspaper of record” as the masthead of the NYT still proclaims. Some record! Good grief, that very “newspaper” still keeps little Tommy Friedman on as a columnist.

Bolton says “we” must bomb Iran so that country cannot get a nuclear bomb. I would think that a person who is supposedly employed at a think tank would have read the US intelligence reports that have clearly stated that Iran is not, and has not, been working towards developing any sort of nuclear weapon for some years now. He seems to gloss over the fact that Israel, the zionist entity, DOES have nuclear bombs. According to various sources, the entity has approximately 200+ nuclear weapons. Of course we don’t know the exact number as the entity will not allow any inspections of its nuclear facilities. And yet, the very same entity wants the US of A too bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Why does the entity want us to do this bombing? Well, because the supposed leaders of that outfit say that IF Iran got a nuclear weapon that Iran would USE it, probably against the entity itself. Also, IF Iran got a nuke, that would set off a new arms race in the Middle East. Really? Then why hasn’t the FACT that the entity has nukes set off a nuclear arms race already?

Well, excuse me, but I smell double standards here. And man, do they STINK to hell and back. Of course in my personal opinion ALL double standards stink to hell and gone, but that is just me. Others may disagree. Ah well, their choice. Actually, I would not want everybody to agree with me all the time. IF that ever happened, I promise you all, I would be bored to death. We can disagree on all sorts of things, the trick is to keep those disagreements civilized. If only the neo-cons, heavy emphasis on the “con” part, could understand this rather simple thing. Somehow, every time somebody does not agree with these neo-cons, it is suddenly time to bomb and kill those who do not agree with them. Well, that might not be too awful EXCEPT, except for this fact; these same war loving neo-cons never DO any actual fighting. Nope, just like their main hero Mr. 5 Deferments Cheney, they “allow” the working class and poor kids to have that “honor” of doing the dirty work. They just sit back and take the credit, IF the plans go off as they claim they will. Um, er, uh, remember Iraq? Remember how the likes of Cheney, Bolton, Wolfowitz, etc. told the country that the Iraq war was going to be a “cake walk”? Remember how these same neo-cons told the country our troops would be welcomed with flowers, as liberators? Yep, and just how did that shit work out? No, I have not forgotten the “surge” and the now disgraced General Delayus (yes I mis-spelled his name on purpose, sue me). Funny how the general seemed to “fail upwards” until he got busted for giving classified information to his mistress. And even then, he is still allowed to walk around free. Holy crap, they locked up poor Chelsea Manning for telling the truth, and yet this clown blabs to his mistress, he was still married (can you say conduct unbecoming? YES you CAN), and he is still a free person. Well, of course, double standards, again.

America, what a country.

Until next time, be good to each other.


6 thoughts on “Yes, I am still alive……..mostly

  1. Some other little problems with this whole bomb Iran scenario:

    Iran isn’t exactly a defenceless nation like all those the ISA attacks ever since Vietnam. It can actually shoot back.
    More than shoot back, all Iran has to do is block the Straits of Hormuz by sinking a few large ships across its mouth, and for further insurance, mining the wrecks. See what that does to Western economies.
    Iran has no nuclear bomb for one reason only: Ayatollah Khomeini said, and Ayatollah Khamenei confirmed, that nuclear bombs were unIslamic, a very humane thing to say for a country allegedly led by mad mullahs.
    If pushed to the wall, Iran will develop nuclear bombs for self defence. Why wouldn’t it?
    The whole bomb Iran campaign is obviously paid for and organised by Zionistan.
    There will be no attack on Iran under Obama. Even Bush had to accept facts and reject any such attack.

    • Bill,
      Absolutely. Iran is not without real defenses. I just could not sit and allow the vile creature Bolton to spew his garbage without comment. Any attack on Iran will be much worse than the current wars of choice that empire has started.

  2. I think it’s not even about ‘the bomb’, Charlie. I think it’s about strangling Iran … and regime change, that perennial favorite. Especially with Iran. Kermit Roosevelt did it before and Obama can do it again. Or so he thinks.

    The deal seems to be structured to get Iran to commit to a target that will never be attained. The IAEA will never certify that Iran has no “possible military dimensions”, and so the sanctions will never be lifted … and all the Iranians now celebrating in the streets will blame – not the USA, but their own government for that. At least that’s the hope : regime change.

    And if regime change is not effected by that method, continued sanctions will soften Iran up for the invasion. Just like Iraq.

    I think the Iranians ought just to forget about the USA and the West and cultivate their own garden. Join the SCO. Make friends with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan … with Azerbaijan and Turkey and Syria and Iraq. And with Russia and China of course.

    That East’s ship has just slid down the ways and needs outfitting. Iran can help. The West’s ship is sinking. No sense in wasting energy on a sinking ship.

    The West is a proven prevaricator. To listen to their spiel is a waste of time. To take that spiel seriously is suicidal. Just ask the Ukrainians.

    • John,
      Thanks for your input old friend. I agree with you on this.
      Yes, the (ig)Nobel piece prizident thinks(?) he IS the ruler of the entire planet.
      I keep getting reminded of what my high school chemistry teacher told the class one day. He said OK, the US is here, the USSR is over there, in time they will begin to move towards each other. They will pas at some mid point, but then continue on to where the other had been. At the time, I was about 17, it didn’t sound right. Not long afterwards, as in when I was knee deep in some rice paddy in Vietnam, I started to retying his comment. As I grew older and began to follow world events, also US internal events closer, I find he was a true prophet. Russia is becoming more like the way the US once had been, not quite yet, but getting close. Here in the US, the nation moves way faster towards what the Soviet Union once was, with a damn huge addition of the East german Stasi just for the hell of it. Man, those few old Stasi folks who are still alive must marvel at how the NSA does what to does and has a large margin of approval from the idiotic, moronic, stupid ‘Merikkkans who want to be “safe from terra-ists” and have no trouble at all with giving up the Bill of Rights.
      Hell, Smedley Butler, a true hero, said there were only two reasons to fight a war; 1) to defend OUR homes, 2) to defend the Bill of rights. ALL other excuses for war are a damn racket. He said and wrote that in 1933, he was 100% correct then and still is today, maybe even more so.
      As an older song goes; “War, what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!”
      Time for all freedom loving people the world over, and very much needed here in ‘Merikkka for them to stand up and shout at the tops of their voices, ENOUGH! Enough of all the useless, idiotic, damn fool wars of choice. If Bolton and that gang of neo-cons(heavy emphasis on the con portion) want a war, let them and their families do the fighting. I am so sick of those goddamn cowards demanding more war when we all know they will never fire a shot in any war. If they were ever shot at, they’d mess their pants so bad, the smell would never be able to be cleaned out. Yeah, I DO despise those damn chicken hawks to hell and gone. Fuck them AND the sheep they rode in on.

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