Finally, some good news.

Greeting to all. Yes, it has been a long time since my last post here at the old soap box. Sorry about that, I just haven’t felt I had much to say recently. So many others seem to say much of what I want to say and they all do it much better. Also, with all the damn fool wars of choice raging across the planet, thanks mostly to (not so very) old ‘Merikkka I just got tired of bitching about all the negativity.
Well, today I read of two, yes, count them up, TWO bits of honest to goodness good news. As I said in the title of this post, finally!
Number one, and this is a big one in my opinion.The agreement between Iran and the P5+1 was finally signed! Hooray! And a huge, what the hell took you morons so damn long? I AM asking YOU leaders of ‘Merikkka, in particular our igNobel piece prizident for one. Of course the good news is tempered a bit. Naturally, look who the Iranians were negotiating with. Yep, ‘Merikkka. The sanctions will not be fully lifted until January 2016. Well, crap, but, wait, it is going to take a few months to get all the supposed minor details in place for this new agreement. Still, the Iranian people were overjoyed at this news. Hell, the entire world ought to be I think.
Now it is only natural, and it does follow that Bibi Nutty-assed Yahoo says that he and the zionist entity are NOT beholden to this agreement. Well sure. I mean, when has the entity ever obeyed international law? About the only times I can recall is when it suits them and/or is in their favor. Any other time, they just do as they want so why would they do any different now? That idiot gang who run the entity are just further isolating themselves and their absurd little apartheid regime. One can almost see the day when no decent, humane country will allow any of their leaders into their countries for any reason. You want to act like a nasty, foul mouthed, spoiled brat, we all should treat you like one and sit you in a corner and ignore you until you can act like a decent human being.

The other good news, the New Horizons space craft has made it to Pluto and is sending back photos and more data than even the entire team who worked on this neat space mission could ever have hoped for. Last I heard from that group was it is going to take years to analysis all the data they will get. It is going to be months just for all the photos to be sent from the craft and downloaded. There are some great web sites about this mission. The official NASA web site has much of it. Just type New Horizons into your favorite search engine and off you go to see a planet, OK, ok, dwarf planet, for the very first time ever! Now, there you go, new information. More cool things we never knew before. That in my personal opinion is damn good news. More knowledge, more interesting discoveries.

OK, here it comes. Yeah, I have to throw in some of my old downer crap. Hey, what can I say, I’m 67 and and too bloody old to change now. My downer is this, with all this good news, no US/EU/NATO war against Iran, thanks to cool heads finally staying cool for a change. Many thanks to Russia and China for this as well. May the cosmos bless them, for now at least. Also, all the new information we are getting and will still get in the next months from and about Pluto; why in bloody goddamn hell are we still running around this planet killing each other just because we do not all believe the same damn old fairy tale about some mythical sky doG? I swear, it is more than enough to make this old combat vet sick as hell and that would be so even IF I didn’t have my current medical problems. Of course the greed of Wally Street/City of London and the international banksters and the military contractors, weapons makers/sellers and the damn fool mercenaries are all part of this horse shit mess and should be shut down yesterday, better yet, last decade. Hell, last century.
Science gain us new knowledge, and still some of our fellow humans are killing each other over some damn fool bullshit ancient myths. Get over it you morons.
I’ll leave you with an oldie from my high school days. There is still, I think they still make it, a dog food named Ken-L-Ration. The jingle for the TV ad went like this’ “My dog is better than your dog. My dog eats Ken-L-Ration”. Well, my best friends and I, we were nearly booted out of the Lutheran church for asking bad questions. (We were nearly excommunicated. When Dad told me about it, I said let them, I’ll wear that as a badge of honor. He knew I would have and said I never had to attend church or Sunday school again. Dad was my first hero and that day guaranteed that status for him.) Our version went like this; “My god’s better than your god. My god eats Ken-L-Ration”. There is some version of a bit about a dyslexic atheist who couldn’t figure why he had to walk the god, but I can’t remember it all. If any of you know it, send it here and I’ll approve it in the comments section.

Until next time, keep learning, about everything/anything. Oh, and as always, be nice to each other. We’ll all be better off for it.


6 thoughts on “Finally, some good news.

  1. It is nice to read good news, Ambrose. Time will tell if the p5+1 pans out, but the NASA flight and photos are good. 60,000km/h24h/d365.25d/y*9.5y = 4,996,620,000km. Five billion kilometers, 5,000,000,000/12,000 = 416,666.666/2 = 208,333.333 roundtrips BKK to LAX. About. That’s pretty far. Take about 400,000 days, call it a thousand years. Just trying to get a handle on that. Can’t say I really have one, but yeah I can relate to that. No air there, though. Or between here and there. And it takes about 4 and a half hours for the sun’s light to get there, or pictures to get back. If we were speaking by phone to someone on the trip that would make for long pauses in the converstion. Amazing stuff. It was on the TV here, too. I saw it in the dentist’s office. It is good news. Kurt Vonnegut said, not too long before he died, “We’re here just to fart around and enjoy ourselves.” That feeling used to more wide spread. Now it’s kill, kill, kill. Always was I suppose. But we did used to fart around more between the massacres, seems to me.

    Thanks for the good news, Dave Ambrose.

    • Thank you for your kind comments.
      It has been a long time between posts and I figured we could use some good news.
      Of course bibi and the entity along with their covert ops outfit (AIPAC) will do all they can to sink this deal with Iran, but I am hoping, maybe against all real hope, that world opinion will shout them down once and possibly for all times. That is way past do in my view. For far too long that vile gang has been calling the shots for US foreign policy. I am still amazed at the huge number of US government people who hold dual citizenship. No way should any of them have even the most minor security clearance nor be allowed in the same room with the least sensitive security documents/briefings. Yeah, go ahead, say I am being too harsh, well, tough shit. I have my opinion and nobody needs to agree with me. Hell, nobody even has to like my views, let alone agree with them.
      Yes, Vonnegut was a treasure. I still have some of his books here.
      It is amazing. We can send a probe to Pluto and get photos of things we have never seen before. Also, we landed a probe on a comet for crap sake. Talk about one hell of a lucky shot. Man, that took some doing. Oh, and we have already gone and captured some actual comet dust and brought that back to this planet and it is being studied by scientists around the world right now. We can do some damn amazing things when we work at it. Now, if we could just stop this damn foolishness of killing each other over trivial bullshit like somebody has a darker tan than I do or they buy into some other mythical god, not the one my neighbor buys into. Humans are such odd critters. So capable of amazing things that expand all human knowledge and even help each other, and then turn around and do some of the most vile, disgusting things to each other for absolute bullshit reasons that barely pass as any sort of true reason in any way at all.
      I best end this, it is beginning to turn into another rant.

  2. AIPAC Forms New Anti-Iran Deal Lobbying Group

    Israel Lobby group AIPAC has announced the creation of a new group to lobby against the Iran nuclear deal. Dubbed “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran,” which intends to launch a $20 million media campaign to convince the American public that the deal is “dangerous.”

    The deal, they say, “increases the chances of war.”

    How is that? I guess AIPAC means the deal increases the chances that Israel will try to get its stooges in the US congress to start Yet Another War Of Choice against Iran? Or that Israel itself will start a war?

    How about “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Israel,” to foreclose the latter case?

    And it looks like Obama is too busy with war plans for Russia and China to start a war with Iran … although he might have the Saudis and the Gulf dwarves sic ISIS and al Qaeda on the Iranians. And I think that might finally be the end of ISIS/al Qaeda and maybe the KSA, too. No tears shed here in that case.

    As it is, I hope you’re right David, I hope this campaign drops dead on center stage and everyone notes the eclipse of the AIPAC and the collapse of the Israel Lobby’s vaunted power in the USA.

    Israel has moved from asset to liability on nearly everyone’s balance sheet, except those eating our of Sheldon Adelson’s hands, of course : the US congress.

    At the one year anniversary of ‘Operation Protective Edge’ … with no reconstruction at all in Gaza, due to uniform Western cooperation with the Israeli blockade and with Israel’s genocide in Gaza … Israel has got to be the most hated nation on earth. Or maybe the second most hated nation on earth, after our own USA.


    Jews all over the world are as repulsed and revolted by Israel as everyone else, maybe more so, having had such an emotional invesment in Israel up until the Israelis bared their hate-filled, genocidal souls for all to see and thmbed their noses at the world at the same time. BSD for Jews has come to mean Boycott, Separate from, Disown Israel.

    • Ah yes, I read another article on AIPAC and how they are going to try and shut down this agreement. It is over at MWC news. Basically the same as the link you give here but with a bit more detail. Well, old Bibi the dictator has stated publicly that the entity is NOT bound by this agreement. OK, fine, then he and his IDF (aka, the most (I’m)Moral Army) can go to war with Iran on their own. The US/EU/NATO and all others will just sit back and watch the show. I’ll get some popcorn, as I do not think the current government of Iraq will allow the jets from the entity to overfly Iraqi air space.
      The arrogance of these critters continues to amaze me. Just as I think I have seen the absolute height of stupid, some idiot comes along and tops the last “ultimate” of stupid. Same applies here, you think you have seen the absolute limits of arrogance and then, well, you know how that goes. Humans, they seem to have some bottom less pit of arrogance and stupidity. The quote often attributed to Einstein goes like this; There are only two things that are limitless. The universe and human stupidity, and I am not so certain about the universe. I cannot verify if Albert actually did say that, no matter, the statement IS true. Just look at the current flap in the US of A about a piece of colored cloth. It is not and never was THE flag of the Confederacy. The “stars and bars” was the battle flag of Lees’ Army of Northern Virginia. The official flag of the Confederacy changed at least three times during the rebellion/war between the states. It is one thing to be a racist bigot, it is another entire thing to be a damn stupid racist bigot. I never did have much tolerance for stupid and the older I get, the less I have for it. Oh, that applies equally for bigots and racists. Stupid is as stupid does I guess.
      I like your comment on how Jews are revolted by the entity. I am certain that a majority of them are. The version of BDS you give is a keeper. Boycott, Separate, Disown. Sounds like a real plan. Bibi is so damn stupid and arrogant that he cannot see that he is the worst enemy the entity ever had. Well, like US politicians, need to keep your public distracted from what they really should focus on, invent bullshit issues/enemies.

  3. I was pretty surprised to discover Bryan May of Queen was one of the scientists involved with the Pluto project. Not every day you come across an astrophysicist who is also a guitarist for an internationally famous music group.

    • Bill,
      No, it isn’t every day. Richard Feynman played the bongo drums. At least I remember a program about him, probably on PBS way back when they did better science programs. Music and mathematics go quite well together. Also,(this is not directed at you) why can’t a rock musician also have a deep interest in science?

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